10 Reasons You Have Too Much Clutter

Chances are you have too much stuff.
And by stuff, I mean clutter.

You know that you have too much stuff, but you don’t get rid of it. Instead, it takes over your life until you can’t remember the last time you saw the floor of your office or the top of your dresser.

Simply put, you have too much stuff in your life.

Clutter Here, There, and Everywhere

You keep things because you think that you will need them. You keep things that you think have value. And sometimes you keep things just because you like them.

But, you do really own all these possessions? Or do they own you?

You believe that these items have a value. Yet, when you have too much “stuff,” it simply becomes clutter.

The truth is that all that clutter comes with a cost. You pay for it with your time, your space, and even your sanity.

‘All clutter comes with a price. Don’t confuse stuff with value.’

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Clutter clogs up your home, your work, and your life.

It prevents you from finding things you need. It causes endless cleaning, that doesn’t produce results. (You end up shuffling stuff from one location to another.)

Here are 10 Reasons that You Have Too Much Clutter in Your Life:

  1. You think you will need it again – You probably keep things because you believe you will need it again in the future. Yet, 99% of the things “you keep for someday” never get used again. They just sit in a drawer. Or on a dresser top. Or in your car. If you haven’t used it in a few months, then get rid of it.
  2. You think it is valuable – Another reason you keep things is that you think they have value. This is the “someday it will be worth something” trap. Unfortunately, most of that stuff is just junk and it won’t be worth anything. In fact, you will pay a price in your life to keep it, and someday will have to pay to have it taken away.
  3. You have unnecessary emotional attachment – Do you really care about that t-shirt that you have owned for 12 years, or that lamp that your parents gave you? Physical items shouldn’t hold emotional control over your life. Value people in your life, not stuff.
  4. You don’t get around to it – Cleaning is something that no one likes to do. Yet, it is the preventative maintenance needed to keep your stuff put away and organized. Set specific times/days to regularly clean up your stuff, even if you have to assign yourself chores.
  5. Clutter has become your normal – If you let clutter take over, it will slowly cover everything in your life. Your dresser, your floor, your car, and more. The danger is that a cluttered life becomes habit. At that point, you think it is perfectly normal to live amongst the clutter.
  6. You are overwhelmed by it – Perhaps, you just have so much clutter that it is overwhelming. You don’t know where to begin. This can be a daunting situation. The best approach is to attack it bit-by-bit. Eat the elephant that is your clutter by spending 15-30 minutes each day whittling it down. Within a short time frame you will see dramatic progress.
  7. You don’t know how to get rid of it – Sometimes you get stuck with things that you simply don’t know how to get rid of. So, it sits, and sits… for years. Whether it is an old car, computer, furniture, or even paint. There is someone who can help you get rid of it. If it is junk, then contact a rubbish company. If it has value, sell it on eBay or LetGo.
  8. You keep bringing in more – The problem here is that more stuff is coming in to your home than is going out. More stuff shows up daily. People ship it to your door. You buy it. You bring it home. To stop this constant buildup, you either need to stop the in flow of “new stuff” or you need to be ultra-vigilant in removing stuff from your home.
  9. You replace things that aren’t broken – New versions of products come out faster than ever before. Yet, there is no reason to get the “newer” version if the one you own is still perfectly functional. Don’t replace things that aren’t broken.
  10. You don’t throw things away – If you never get rid of anything, of course you will eventually drown in your possessions. Throw things away when they are no longer needed. Throw away things that are broken. And, of course, throw away things that are simply trash. Be ruthless in disposing of items that are not useful, and if in doubt… throw it out!

Too Much Stuff is Simply Clutter

We are taught from an early age that “more” is better.

Yet, this is not true when it comes to the physical “stuff” in your life. When you have too much, it ceases to be your belongings and becomes clutter that owns you.

Keep your possessions in check. Limit what you bring into your home and life. And get rid of clutter that you no longer need.

Let less stuff lead to more peace-of-mind in your life.

Question: Do you have too much clutter in your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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