Six Tips for Creating Balance Between Work and Life

Balance Your Busy Life

This is a guest post by Audrey Throne, a blogger who writes on health, technology and management. She loves to discover new places and share experiences in words.

Every job has its challenges.

However, one of the biggest challenges faced by employees is creating a balance between work and life.There are times when you need to carry on with your work and personal life side by side; in fact one becomes the support for the other, but there are times when you need to know how to keep them apart.

Marking the Work-Life Boundary

The most important part of creating a balance between work and personal life is; knowing when and where to mark the boundaries between the two.

Here are six tips for creating a balance between work and life:

  1. Know your priorities
    The key to success — list your priorities. Listing priorities does not mean limiting yourself to work related tasks. Prioritize everything that is important in your life. This can include your most important business meetings, your favorite singer’s concert, a pep-talk with your team, and a trip to the salon. The crux here is; your work and life have to go side by side. One can’t surpass the other. You just need to know what is important, how important it is and make a decision according to the situation.
  2. Make a schedule
    Make a schedule of all your tasks and activities weekly, monthly, and yearly. Keeping a planner is a great way of maintaining your schedule. There are many new mobile applications that can record your engagements for the day, week or month. Try to put everything down on your planner or app, so you know exactly where you stand and what you need to do next. A single glance at your schedule lets you know what’s next and keeps you on track.
  3. Communicate
    If you want your family to support you during your tough schedule at work, you need to tell them about it. Talking about things makes a lot of difference. Don’t assume that people will automatically know about things, without you telling them. Talk to your spouse about current challenges of your time and effort. Family and friends can be more understanding as a result of this small communication effort.
  4. Track your time
    Feel like you spent forever on a project that should have taken 3 hours? Start tracking your time, in order to figure out what you’re doing wrong and where you’re wasting time. Several online time tracking tools can help you, such as Minterapp, Toggl and RescueTime. This can help you divide your time between projects more effectively, as well as boost productivity.
  5. Never say no to vacation time
    There is a reason why everyone goes for a vacation every year. Despite the tough work schedule, do not cancel your vacation. Your vacation time should be all about you. If it is extremely necessary, you can wake up early, spend two to three hours on your work. This is a lot better than cancelling your vacation and being caught up in the never-ending work cycle.
  6. Hire and delegate
    No matter how much of a genius you may be, you cannot do everything on your own. You need to hire people and delegate work to them. Delegating work gives you time for yourself. You can do things that are being neglected otherwise. This can be a night out with friends, learning a new skill set or even spending some time alone.

The Best of Both Worlds

You can’t do it all.  To be success for at work and in your personal life, you need to set boundaries between the two.

Balancing a busy life can be challenging. But by implementing these tips, you will be up for the challenge.  You can be successful at work and at home – achieving the best of both worlds.

Question: What are some ways you keep your life balanced when things get challenging? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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