Stop Waiting for Work to Come to You

Do Your Work, Rather than Waiting for Tasks to Arrive

Stop Waiting for WorkDo you sit around and wait for work to come to you?

If you are waiting for tasks to come to you, then you probably aren’t being very productive.

Not only does this type of “reactive productivity” show a lack of initiative, but it is a bigger problem because if you are waiting for work to come to you, it means you aren’t doing your own work.

Waiting for Work to Come

Sitting around waiting for work to arrive isn’t very productive. Yet, this is exactly the posture that many corporate workers take.

Waiting for email to fill their inbox. Waiting for their boss to give them their next task. Waiting for deadlines to force them into action.

Sitting around waiting for things to arrive in their inbox or their boss (everyone has one) to come along and task them with something is not productive.

Here are just a few tips to help you stop waiting for work and start doing:

  • Keep Your List Visible – Your todo list should be your #1 source of tasks. Do your list before taking on additional obligations. Instead of being passive awaiting new work, do the work that is on your list.
  • Review Your Goals – Keep focused on your big goals. When you know where you want to go, it keeps you from focusing on menial and inconsequential todos.
  • Don’t Live in Your Inbox – Sitting in your inbox, waiting for emails to arrive is one of the most unproductive activities you can do. Yet, that is what many people do at work. Get our of your inbox and get your work done. Turn off the notifications. Close your email client. Even remove mobile email from your phone, if you must.
  • Stop and Ask Yourself – When you finish a task or reach a break, stop and ask yourself, “What should I be doing right now?” This simple question can help you refocus on what you should be doing versus what you want to do next.

Stop Waiting and Start Doing

Whether at work or in your personal life, stop waiting for work to come to you.

Rather than wasting time while work comes to find you, get your work done.

When you take action first, you’ll get more of your tasks done rather than waiting to do other people’s work.

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