5 Ways to Choose Happiness

Choose Happiness
How is your day going to be today?

Is this going to be another boring day? One that leaves your complaining about work? Or one that runs you ragged?

That doesn’t sound that fun. That sounds like a bad day.

Yet, the secret is that you have a choice. You can let life push you around. Or you can keep your head held high no matter what life throws at you.

Your attitude determines your reality each day.

Stop Worrying and Be Happy

There is one thing that is going to determine your success today more than anything.

Dare I say, more than planning or preparation. (Which I say often…) More than skill in many cases.

It’s your attitude.

A positive attitude  is what it takes to lift yourself above the fray. To rise above the chaos and noise of everyday life.

It’s not easy to do. Most people cannot maintain a positive outlook under the onslaught of negativity, complaints, sensitivity, and bad news of the world. (Which is why I don’t read the news.)

Choosing a positive attitude can sound like a platitude. “Don’t worry, be happy” …right?

You can’t tell someone to “be happy,” can you?

Yet, that one choice determines so much in life.

Are you happy? Then BE happy.

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Stop to think about your life, are you happy with it? If the answer is “yes,” then be happy. Enjoy every day and every second of it. Live it to the fullest and revel in it.

Why complain when you are happy? You will always be searching for something you don’t have, while ignoring your present life. Why be miserable, when your life is what you intended to be?

Yet, many people aren’t happy. They choose to be miserable even when everything around them is coming up roses. Never satisfied with their life.

And on the other side, if you aren’t happy… then go out and be happy. Meaning, change what you need to change in order to be happy. This can be in your job, your goals, your relationships.

Staying where you are is the equivalent of being “comfortably unhappy.” You have become satisfied with being unhappy to the point that it has become your normal.

Your change doesn’t have to be a drastic “burn things down and start over” change. Rather, take the incremental steps to make a positive change in your life… in order to get to happy.

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Choose to BE Happy:

  1. Enjoy the Day – Today is the only day you have. Will you choose to enjoy it or waste it in misery? Raining or sunshine, the outcome depends solely on your attitude.
  2. Stop Complaining – Complaining really doesn’t accomplish anything in life. So, stop the whining. Instead, do something. Take action if something is bothering you to resolve the issue.
  3. Work Towards Goals Every Day – Everyone has a “big goal” hidden inside them. And it can eat you alive if you don’t do something about it. Whether it is a career goal, fitness goal, or even to write a book, take a step every day towards your inner goal.
  4. Be PositiveEvery situation has a silver lining. Cliche, maybe. True? Absolutely. Even bad happenings can be made better by choosing to be positive.
  5. Live in the Present – Make sure you are “present” in your life. Aware of your surroundings, others, and life itself. Don’t live life in the past, future, or even virtual worlds. (How much are you on your phone?) Be in the now, or else you will miss all the great things happening around you.

Happy by Choice

You have a choice each and every day.

Ask yourself, “Am I happy?” and then do something about it.

Choose to be more present in your daily life. To enjoy your friends, family, and job.

Or make a change for the better. Taking steps each and every day towards a better happy.

It’s your choice. And it’s up to you whether or not to be happy.

Question: Do you ‘choose’ to have a positive attitude each and every day? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Choose Happiness

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