Make a Done List to Drive Your Productivity

Make a Done ListLet’s face it, crossing items off your list… well, it just feels great.

That’s why when you complete a task that wasn’t on your list, you will add it just so you can cross it off.

Have you ever done this?

Tracking Done as Well as Todo

Todo list are good at tracking what you need to do.

However, most are not good at showcasing what you have done.

Why would you want to see what you have already done?

Because it feels good. It is motivational. And it can drive your productivity through the rest of your work.

“Let your ‘done tasks’ motivate the rest of your day.”

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This is one reason why paper todo lists continue to thrive. They are both todo and done lists at the same time.

Paper always showcases your “done” items. Your tasks are right there, and you can cross them off your list, with a simple checkmark or a heavy cross-thru line.

Either way, you have a testament to your work completed.

Todo apps can show you completed work, too. However, many apps make completed tasks disappear. Less satisfying, and motivating, than seeing your done work. (To the app makers out there… show what is done. Don’t make it magically disappear. Not right away anyway.)

Paper or app, it doesn’t matter, let the “score” of what you have accomplished keep you motivated.

The Power of a Done List

Be proud of what you have done. Big or small, let your “done tasks” drive you through the rest of your day.

Make sure that your todo list shows you “done,” as well as what is left to do.

What you have already accomplished today?

Question: What’s on your Done List? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Make a Done List to Drive Your Productivity

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    This article was a inspiration for me.

    I really like this article and i feel like replacing my bad habits into good.

    I will definitely try to use Todo list to be more productive.

    Thanks for sharing !

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