You Can Plan Anywhere

You Can Plan AnywhereI do some of my best planning at the gym.

Really, I do.

You might think that planning would get in the way of working out. However, it is “being in the zone” that frees my mind to come up with many of the ideas that my brain has been accumulating.

Where do you do your best planning?

You Can Plan Anywhere

If you are having trouble planning your day, maybe it’s not that you don’t have time. Perhaps, you need to try a different location or environment.

It doesn’t have to be in a quiet office or library. It may not be at home. (Especially if you have young kids.)

It could be at a bustling coffee shop. Or during your commute. (Just do your prep work before your start driving.)

Where could you get your planning in?

‘You can plan no matter where you are.’

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Here are some tips to help with your planning, no matter where you do it:

  • Review Your List First – Your todo list is the first place you should start your planning. It’s difficult to be effective if you don’t know your highest priority tasks. Always start there.
  • Look at Your Current and Future Calendar – Many people will glance at their calendar for today, but you should also look at tomorrow and beyond. When you look at your future calendar you will have a better vision of what is coming and can even resolve conflicts before they arise.
  • Create Your Own Place of Solitude – Headphones are a great way to create your own “fortress of solitude” for planning. Even if you are in your car, a busy workplace or a public place, you can get some much needed isolation.
  • Do It Daily – Planning is most effective when you do it regularly. It should not be something you only do in a crisis or once in a blue moon. Commit to planning daily. If you do, you will find yourself more organized and less stressed.

Where Will You Plan?

Get creative with your planning location.

You may find that you do your best planning when you are out of your element or in a public location.

Wherever you are most effective, go there and commit to planning daily.

Question: Where is your favorite location to plan? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

11 thoughts on “You Can Plan Anywhere

  1. This is an interesting idea.

    I’m definitely not going to do it in the gym – when I work out, I work out and do nothing else.
    But I might give it a try planning outdoors…

  2. I love to plan at my local coffee shop or before bed. This is a good time to schedule tasks that need to be completed with an app like

  3. My problem is that i always leave planning to my sleep time.. because everything always change… but that when it is time to plan i am too tired and dont do it… iwould love to do the planning earlier but i dont know how because in my life and work everything change every hour

  4. The workout is mandatory. Because only a good body can give us a good day. Workout is my priority. I can easily maintain my plan. I make a list of my daily routine and then I just observe it timely.

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