Without a Deadline, It’s Difficult to Finish

without a deadlineEver have a task without a deadline?

It tends to slip and remain undone.

Often, you’ll put it off intentionally since there’s no apparent penalty.

Today, I want to tell you why every important task needs a deadline.

Important Tasks Need a Deadline

If you have ever had an important task that didn’t have a deadline, chances are, you put it off… and then put it off some more.

Until it became urgent or had a definite due date, you weren’t motivated to complete it.

If you want to get something done, it needs to have a due date.

“Without a deadline… there is no finish line.”

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If you have ever had an important task without a deadline, you know that you keep putting it off.

Todos without a due date will slide.
Work expands to the fill the time allotted.
And tasks without a deadline remain undone.

When there is no finish line, you aren’t motivated to complete a task.

(Moving deadlines can be just as dangerous as no deadline. When a task receives an extension, you’ll likely put it off again.)

Always Set a Due Date

Your important tasks need a due date.

Otherwise, you won’t know when you are done, nor is there an incentive to finish.

This may be ok when it it comes to your low priority items. But, can be a recipe for disaster when your high priority items don’t have a deadline.

“Whether it is a simple task or a big goal it needs to have a deadline.”

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Today, check and ensure that each of your important tasks has a deadline.  Then meet your deadline.

Question: Do you set deadlines for all of your high priority tasks? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. It’s hard for me to set deadlines for myself, yet so easy for me to follow deadlines given to me by others. I need to be better with this.

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