Doing Things Right Usually Only Takes a Few Seconds

pablo (21)We often create more work for ourselves.

We leave things out, instead of putting them away.

We leave a task almost done, but not completely finished.

Or we procrastinate on a something until we have to research the original deatils of the task needed to be performed.

Yet, doing things right the first time… usually only takes a few extra seconds.

Doing Things Right the First Time

The other day, I caught myself putting something on my desk after I was using it. It would have only taken me a few extra seconds to put it away in the filing cabinet that was 3 steps away, yet I was tempted to just sit it on my desktop.

Why do we let ourselves get away with this?

It usually requires just an extra step… to put something away where it belongs.

One more call or email… to close that issue.

A few moments to make that decision… that has been put off too long.

Take the extra seconds to put things right them first time, so you don’t have to do them again later.

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Here are 5 Things that You Should Take a Few Seconds to Do Right the First Time:

  1. Putting Things Away – Where is that screwdriver when you need it? If you put it back in the toolbox, you will know where it is next time.
  2. Finishing that Task to Done – Putting a task down before it is done, it in essence creating more work for yourself. You will have to figure out where you left off when you try to start again.
  3. Cleaning Up – Cleaning up is always best done immediately after the activity. Need a quick demonstration? Try doing the dishes immediately after dinner… versus leaving them in the sink overnight.
  4. Throwing Things Away – We live in an accumulation-based society, where we are afraid to throw things out. Clutter is quick to take over our lives and homes. Throw away or donate any items you haven’t used within a reasonable timeframe.
  5. Capturing Information – Whether it is simple info (like a phone #), or the complex solution to a problem, make sure you take the extra few moments to capture it so that you won’t have to solve the same problem twice in the future.

A Few Seconds Saves Time Later

Take that extra step, and do things right the first time.

If you spend the few extra seconds to put things away, clean up, and finish your tasks now… you won’t have to do them again later.

Question: What do you need to spend extra time doing right the first time? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Great ideas, thanks for sharing! Taking the time to finish that last simple, easy step, can really make a difference.

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