21 Things You Have Been Putting Off Forever

21 Things You've Been Putting Off ForeverThere are some things that never seem to get done.

Maybe it’s the laundry. Or washing the family pet. Or cleaning out the garage.

Does your “Someday-Maybe” list seem longer than your regular todo list?

When will you get to all those things you have been putting off forever?

21 Things and Lots to Do

Do you ever feel that you should call your todo list a forever list?

As in, it’s going to be forever before these things get done?

You probably know what you need to do, but life seems to always keep you from getting to those routine and maintenance tasks.

“Don’t let your todo list become a forever to do list.”

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There are probably many items on your list that have been there for months. (In many people’s case, for years.)

What have you been putting off? And off?

Here are 21 Things You Have Been Putting Off Forever:

  1. Doing Your Taxes – A timely one… tax day is Monday here in the U.S. Get yours done ahead of time.
  2. Washing/Cleaning Your car – Is your car the one covered in dirt or pollen? Is your trunk full of stuff that has been there for months? How many empty water (soda) bottles are in your floor board?
  3. Doing the laundry – Are you living out of laundry baskets? Or do you buy new clothes before you bother to do the wash.
  4. Reviewing Your Long Term Goals – Check your progress. Have your made any? Are they still your goals?  Now is the time to update your status or set new milestones.
  5. Updating Your Resume – Young or old, you should always have a current version of your resume. You never know when opportunity will knock.
  6. Doing Your Hobby – When was the last time you spent time doing something you enjoyed? Taking some “me” time can actually renew your energy to put back into getting tasks done.
  7. Working Out – Putting off exercise is cumulative problem. The longer you put if off, the more work you have to do to get back in shape. In the long run, putting it off can be dangerous.
  8. Going on Vacation – Many people fail at vacation, putting it off for years. When was the last time you and your significant other took a trip for pleasure?
  9. Getting an Oil Change – How long has your dash light been on? Won’t you have bigger problems later if you don’t maintain your vehicle?
  10. Writing/revising Your Will – Is your will current? You know you don’t get more time later.  What life circumstances have changed that impact your will? (It’s a good time to check your life insurance too).
  11. Paying Your Bills – I know, paying bills is a hassle.  But not keeping current will cost you time and even more money. With automatic bill pay, all of your revolving bills can be addressed once and the bank handles the rest.
  12. Reading that Book – Do you buy books? If so, do you read them? Reading 20 minutes a day can make a difference in your continued learning.
  13. Writing that Book – Do you have a book inside you that you have always said you would write? Why not start writing today?
  14. Fixing Something that is Broken – If it is a safety issue, it should never be put off… someone could get hurt. If it’s just an annoyance…go ahead and fix that too.
  15. Home Improvement Project – The project you have intended to do for your home forever, but just never get to it. Check out some ideas on a home improvement website or Pinterest to motivate you to get started.
  16. Cleaning Out the Garage – Can you even get your car into your garage? Or should yours be designated as a “danger zone?”  Sometimes the best way to start that big project is 10 minutes at a time.
  17. Cleaning out the Attic/Basement – Do you need all that stuff? Probably not.  Sell, donate, or trash items taking up space.
  18. Organizing Your Photos – Do you need to organize your photo library? Do you have it all in one place? Do you have old (paper) photos that need to be scanned? Are you digital photos backed up? (See number 19).
  19. Backing Up Your Digital Life – Are your digital possessions backed up? If you lost your phone, laptop, or computer what would you lose?
  20. Scrubbing Your Bills – When was the last time you really looked at your bills? Are you paying for services you no longer use or paying fees you can avoid?
  21. Getting Rid of the Clutter – You have cleaned up the mess… but it still hasn’t left your house. Get that trash out and get the donations dropped off.

Catching Up on Forever Tasks

Don’t let your backlog of “someday” tasks loom over and haunt you.

Cleaning up your backlog of “forever tasks” feels great.

What are you waiting for? Do some of them today.

Question: Which tasks have you been putting off forever? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “21 Things You Have Been Putting Off Forever

  1. I agree. It always feels really good to know something off of your “to do” list that has been sitting there for a while. Thanks for the extra motivation!

  2. As always great post!!! I have way to much things i have been putting off forever… just a few days ago my laptop died and it cost me a lot (!!!) Of money to get my data from there just because i have been putting off this task of backing up .. also i love number 16. I dont have a garage but i loved the 10 minutes idea at a time. It’s awesome. Thanks for all your great ideas

  3. Very timely post. I’d add many others to the list but a few that come to mind include: cleaning up folders and files in PC that are dis organized or are duplicate copies from backing up multiple PC’s over the years. I’d also add list of home maintenance items that conveniently never get done.

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