10 Ways to Slow Down and Still Get More Done

10 Ways to slow down and still get more done
In your attempts to get even more done, you probably find yourself rushing through your day. Going faster and faster to conquer the chaos of your schedule.

Yet, racing to finish line of your day isn’t always the most effective course.

Today, consider slowing down.

You might just find that you get more done.

Rushing Doesn’t Get the Job Done

You know the feeling… before you even start your day, you have more to do than you know you can accomplish.

So you start the race. Your mad dash through traffic, tasks, meetings and more. Along the way, you subconsciously know that you can’t possibly do it all. But, you’re going to try to cram as much into your day as possible.

Yet, is going faster always the answer?

Rather than charging blindly and racing madly to the finish line of your day, you may need to take a pause… and slow down.

“Sometimes slowing done is exactly what you need to do in order to get more done.”

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As counterintuitive as it may first seem, you may need to slow down in order to get more done in your day.

Here are 10 Ways to Slow Down and Still Get More Done in Your Day:

  1. Practice Patience – Rushing isn’t always the answer. It doesn’t feel good. You are always in a hurry and it results in unneeded stress. Try a little patience. Many of the things you are stressing aren’t worth it, and many problems resolve themselves with just a little patience.
  2. Think More – When was the last time you just took a moment to think? Instead of rashly acting, stop and think about what you are actually trying to achieve. A few moments to reflect will often change your priorities and course of action.
  3. Do Less, Finish More – When you are in a hurry, you often end up multitasking, and doing way too many things at once. Instead of starting 57 things, concentrate on finishing the three most important ones.
  4. Enjoy Yourself – Are you truly enjoying your day? When you are “in the zone” you are not only happier, but more productive. Slow down and enjoy the journey.
  5. Spend Time with Others – There is a line between small talk and building relationships. However, spending time with others often leads to answers and productive outcomes. Instead of endlessly sending emails, go and see the person you need to connect with.
  6. Say “No” More Often – Saying “No” when appropriate is an important skill if you are going to avoid overloading yourself. You need to put your work first, before you take on the work of others.
  7. Stay ahead – Last-minute rushes to meet deadlines create unneeded stress and crisis. You may say that you “work best under pressure,” but it feels so much better to be ahead of a deadline.
  8. Plan – Saying you don’t have time to plan is simply an excuse. The truth is that planning is an investment that will save you time in your day. Planning can help you identify your priorities and avoid scheduling conflicts, as well. With a plan, you will be more relaxed during your day.
  9. Slow your Pace – Haste often does lead to waste. Mistakes, rework, and missed objectives can be the result of going too fast. Try slowing things down. Be more conscious of the task at hand. As well, ensure your energy doesn’t burn out too early in your day.
  10. Be Decisive – Make decisions. Don’t spend time endlessly analyzing options. Own your choices, and don’t spend time worrying about them.

Slow Down and Get More Done

You can’t do it all. Trying to do so is a recipe for stress and wasted time.

So, choose wisely what you will attempt to cram into your day. (And leave space for the unexpected curveballs life throws at you.)

Try slowing your pace, and focus on getting the important things done today.

Question: Do you need to slow down your day in order to get more done? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Slow Down and Still Get More Done

  1. So true, Craig. Numbers three and six resonated with me the most. At the start of each day I pick my three most important tasks and focus on those first. Then, when they are done, I’ll tackle the other items on my list.

  2. I loe your posts. i wait for them every day! this post is so true! when i am in a rush i am not a fun person to be around. i yell and get upset buy everyone and everything. also when i put to many things on my to do list i dont enjoy the journey ijust want to mark things off and because of that things i used to like now i hate it. and of course i feel like a failure when i cant get every thing done. slowing down is the best thing we can do for our self and it also protect us from burning out.

  3. I used to be that crazed, rushed, multi-tasker that tried to do it all but ever since leaving the corporate world and starting my own business i have found that there is a much better way to be more productive and sane by following many of the things you recommend in this article. I just launched a new task management app that allows you to track your tasks and select the top three to focus on as you suggest. You can learn more about it at: http://www.priorigami.com.

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