5 Reasons You Are Procrastinating on Your Dreams

5 Reasons You Are Procrastinating

You have a dream.

A big goal that you want to accomplish in life.

However, chances are that you haven’t actually started working on it.

You are quick with reasons (excuses) as to why you haven’t pursued it.

You dream about it. You think about it. So, why aren’t you doing it?

Procrastinating is Easy

Some people spend their entire lives putting off their dreams.

They talk about them endlessly, but they never take action.

They never start. And thus, are doomed to never accomplish their goals.

Whatever your dream, you have to get up off the couch and do the work.

“Procrastinating on your dreams is easy. Doing the work is hard.”

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Here are 5 Reasons You are Procrastinating on Your Dreams:

  1. You Don’t Have the Time – It’s more accurate to say you don’t make the time. Making your dreams a reality requires the investment of time. That means you’ll have to take the time from other activities in your life to put it into your goals.
  2. You Don’t Know Where to Start – In other words, you don’t have a plan. One easy way to overcome this obstacle is to start an outline of the tasks required to reach your goal. Don’t overthink this. A simple list of the tasks is all you need.
  3. You Aren’t Sure How to Do It – Lack of information or knowledge used to be an easy excuse for procrastination. However, between the Internet and YouTube you can learn how to do almost any task in a few minutes, or at least learn enough information about what will be required.
  4. You Are Too Comfortable – Is your procrastination related to being too comfortable? After all it is easier to stick with the status quo than do the hard work to get to a better place. You might need to make a drastic change to get yourself out of your comfort zone.
  5. You Lack Motivation – What will it take to motivate you to get up and act? One tactic is to write out a vision of how things will change if you accomplish your dream. Spell out the positive impacts on your life and circumstances. Having a clear vision of those benefits can be a powerful source of motivation.

Action Instead of Excuses

Making excuses for not pursuing your dreams is easy. In fact, you probably spend more time making the excuses than doing the tough work required to make your big goals a reality.

Yet, if you don’t get past procrastination and into action you will never see progress.

It doesn’t have to be a big step. In fact, most big goal are accomplished through the repetition of many small actions.

What small step can you take today to overcome your procrastination, and take a step closer to your dreams?

Question: What excuses are you using to procrastinate on your dreams? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Are Procrastinating on Your Dreams

  1. Great post. At the heart of most the “reasons” are really our own excuses we tolerate. I guess a big part of being responsible is not tolerating our own excuses. Also, not even asking if we feel like doing something but just diarising it and getting to it. Feelings are fickle and will usually push us to what is comfortable…

  2. I dream to become a professional bball player . And it’s totally impossible Because I feel that all the odds are against me . I’m only 5 feet 6 at 16 and all bball player know that it’s not sufficient . When I talk about it to my parents , they get mad at me . And I ask to myself if I’m a fluff . I wanna forget that dreams but it’s stuck in my head so I can’t focus on other things . I stress like I’m 30 yrs old every day . There’s not a second that I don’t Overthink about my future . Guys I need your help . I feel that I dream for it in the wrong environment & family and country. My parents harass me everytime to do something I have no passion on. But I feel that I will be successful one day but Idk how to become it . I live in a country in Africa . Thank you for helping me

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