There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Time

No Perfect TimeAre you waiting for a “perfect time?”

Putting off the big things in your life until there is a better, more perfect moment.

What if that moment never comes?

No Perfect Time

“Now is not a good time.”

It’s one of the most common excuses.

Yet, time does not get better.

Time doesn’t align itself for your goals.

It happens whether you act or not.

“There is no perfect time, there is just time. Use yours wisely.”

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Time just is. And you don’t get more of it later.

Act While You Have Time

If you are waiting for a perfect moment, you may be waiting a long time, perhaps forever.

So, stop waiting for the planets to align.
Stop waiting for life to slow down.
Stop waiting for the perfect time.

Whatever you are waiting to act upon, do it today.

Act while you still have the time.

Question: What are you waiting for a perfect time to do? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Time

  1. Awesome post Craig! I decided not to wait anymore and share your post here and there : ) Keep rocking!

  2. I thought I was productive, but your post made me realized that I wasn’t for certain thing: getting an opportunity. I thought of leaving my employer of 10+ years for a career advancement , but I never did because i though it was not “good time” considering short staff or busy time. I saw a light bulb in my head. Thank you!

  3. So true! If time was tangible, we’d have an easier time understanding that it’s not a renewable resource. It’s hard to appreciate it’s value before it’s too late. As you write, owning up to the fact that there’s no “perfect time” is absolutely crucial. Great post!

  4. Hi Craig,

    I know – the most dangerous word is Tomorrow. So let’s get it done right now.

    Thanks for the insightful read!


    1. Tomorrow is not so bad sometimes. There is an approach to schedule all new tasks that come today to tomorrow. If it is possible, of course. Today there is already a plan, and it can be destroyed with to many new things.

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