5 Ways to Keep Promises with Yourself

We make promises to others all the time.

And we feel very guilty when we break them. Often, we put commitments to others above our own priorities.

Yet, when it comes to pledges that we make with ourselves, we are quick to let those go.

Why is it so hard to keep promises we make to ourselves?

Breaking and Keeping Promises

It’s easy to let yourself down.

After all, no one has to know except you.

Internally, we pretend it never happened, or that we weren’t serious about that promise in the first place.

“It’s too easy to break promises with yourself. After all, no one knows except you.”

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Yet, the promises we make to ourselves are the most important ones. They are the ones that pave a path to our hopes, dreams, and goals.

Why would you let those promises fall by the wayside?

You need to take self-promises as seriously as the obligations you take on for others. More so, even.

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Promises with Yourself:

  1. Write It Down – If there isn’t proof, did you really promise it? Joking aside, there is magic in writing down your promises. Be specific and be sincere about what you are promising yourself you are going to do.
  2. Make it Visible – Visibility leads to action. Keep your promises where you can see them. It could be on a Post-It on your bathroom mirror that will remind you each morning and night. It could be on your smartphone background, so that you will see it each and every time your turn on your phone. It could be a bracelet or token that you carry on your person. Do whatever it takes to ensure that your goals are always visible.
  3. Chart Your Daily Actions – Daily is the best way to check on your promises. Keep a “Habit List” to help you “check off” that you do your promise each and every day.
  4. Keep a Progress Journal – A journal is a great way to review your progress. You can reflect on your wins and your shortcomings. What are you doing well, and what do you need to continue to improve?
  5. Keep It Short -Keep your promises short term. Saying that you are going to do something for a year is tough. Even a month or two. Try thinking about this week? Could you stick to your workout plan for that long? Or keep your inbox at zero just for the work week?

Stick to It

When you make a promise to yourself, take it seriously.

Don’t let it go at the first sign of temptation or resistance.

Always keep the promises that you make with yourself first.

Question: How do you keep the promises that you make to yourself? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

14 thoughts on “5 Ways to Keep Promises with Yourself

  1. Regarding visibility, one of my methods this year is write my goals out on my computer wall paper. This means that I see them each and every day (I also include a quote from Churchill to inspire me).

  2. This is simple and great post. One of the important things I have realized in keeping the self promises is that feeling good about sticking to those. If we fight too much with ourselves to make us feel too much forced to keep those, it won’t last for long. However when we always know this is the way to bring us success and happiness in our lives, it becomes easier to keep the promises. Also it helps to find our our own tools to help us stick to the promises. Being at ease with our promises is the key.

  3. I wanna stop drinking so much an enjoy my family more i keep promising things will get better after all we lost our world when daddy died an i got lost i can’t seem to stick to my promise I get lost.an num

  4. All you need to do to keep your promises is write them somewhere.Review them whenever you face temptations and pinch yourself to ensure you are sane and sober.By doing so,you will be able to overcome them

  5. I can keep promise much better when I share it with my girlfriend. I love her and respect her, so even thinking about breaking my promise and disappointing her makes me feel so bad that I really want to keep my promise.

  6. 1.I always tell myself don’t give up.
    2.Nothing is impossible if I focus my goals and work hard everyday.
    3.Follow someone steps else as you know why he is successful..

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