Do One Extra Task Every Single Day

One More Task Every Day

You’re never going to get to the end of your todo list.

(Nor should you…)

However, before you call it a day, resolve to do one more task.

Just One Extra Step

What could you accomplish if you completed just one extra task?

One extra step every day.

Over a year, that adds up to an additional 365 tasks you would complete.

“Just one extra task each day can make all the difference.” (Tweet this Quote)

Even a small task each day can accomplish big things…

It can be the difference between average and great.
It can separate you from the pack.
It can keep you ahead of your work.
It can help you reach your BIG goals.

Do One Extra Task Each and Every Day

Before you finish your day, look at your list and do just one more task.

It can be something simple. It may only take a few moments of your time.

But, that one extra task… each and every day …can make all the difference.

Question: What one extra task will you do today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Do One Extra Task Every Single Day

  1. Good idea. And here is an extra thought. Review your list to see if one task can be deleted. Success often requires mastering the art of focus and saying no. Unfortunately our ambitions can lead us to say yes too often. 😉

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  3. Interesting idea. I may give that a try. However, I might do an extra task from my Quick List. Sometimes I ignore those until I have a block of time but I could probably knock them out quicker by doing one a day.

    I like Michel’s idea of also deleting as a way to get rid of a task.

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