Do You Have to Be Crazy to Reach Your Dreams?

Crazy Enthusiasm

The other day someone asked me when I have time to do all the writing and website work that I do.

I told them that I do my writing every day from 4AM–6AM.

They told me, “That’s crazy! I would never do that.”

Maybe they wouldn’t… but I would.

Is that crazy… or just productive?

Crazy Productive

Is it crazy to get up at 4AM every day to write?

I have been doing it for almost 5 years. I do it when I am well, and when I am sick. I do it when I am home, and when on the road.

Perhaps, it is crazy. After all, most people don’t do it.

But, maybe that is the point.

Maybe it is crazy good.

Crazy Enthusiasm

How crazy do you have to be to reach your dreams?

Maybe that crazy feeling you get is just passion. Unstoppable enthusiasm.

Burning motivation driving you to do those things that others won’t do.

Are these crazy?

  • Getting up at 4AM every day to write?
  • Thinking you are going to publish your own book?
  • Believing that you can be an expert in your own passion?
  • Hitting the gym at midnight because that is the only time that fits your work schedule?
  • Starting an online business from scratch on your dining room table?
  • Learning a skill or new career no matter what your age?
  • Never doubting yourself when others are saying you can’t do something?

All of these are a little crazy.

And most people will never do them.

Crazy Happy

Be a little crazy in your life.

Go outside the lines. Go for your dreams.

It may be crazy. But, others will never achieve what you do.

You can settle for doing what everyone else does, and you will have the same life as those around you.

Or you can be a little crazy. And you just might find yourself crazy happy about the life you achieve.

Question: Do you need to go a little crazy to reach your dreams? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

15 thoughts on “Do You Have to Be Crazy to Reach Your Dreams?

  1. If crazy is not following the status quo, I’m DEFINITELY crazy (and proud of it.) Love this Craig. You are an inspiration and it’s awesome being crazy with you!

  2. I am not sure that you have to be crazy to reach your dreams, but I do agree that it takes a lot of work and dedication to make your dreams come true. Most of us need to create some margin and balance in our lives so that we can pursue our dreams and still spend time with our families. Thanks for sharing Craig.

    1. Yes… it really is about priorities. I like that. Whether it is about dreams, family and more… you have to be deliberate about your choices/actions… rather than just going along with what is considered the norm.

  3. Hey Craig, this is the kind of post that makes us want to push ourselves! But how do you manage when you are travelling?

  4. Love this! When my stay-at-home mom friends are snacking and watching silly shows at naptime, I’m working my buns off like crazy on my business. When other people said adopting a child with a significant disability would be a huge risk, would be perhaps, crazy, we did it anyways (and are amazed daily by our son!) Proud to be crazy! Proud to stay up til 3 AM only to wake to my energetic preschooler 4 hours later. Proud to dream big dreams and work to make them come true! Thanks for this, Craig!
    ~ Beth Anne

  5. In my mind the three essentials to success are effort, initiative, and attitude. Sometimes effort requires a 4 am wake up call. Doesn’t seem to crazy to me but that is because I am doing it! Nice to have some validation!

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