Stop Waiting for Someday to Come

When is SomedayI’ll do it someday.

A common refrain from those who procrastinate.

But, someday never comes. And at some point, all those things you said you will do never get done.

After all, when is someday?

The Day After Never

Is someday on your calendar?

I have never seen it on mine.

If you are waiting for someday, it could be a while.

In fact, you may never see it. You don’t get more time later.

Someday may never come.

“Someday is often the day after never.” (Tweet Quote)

Whatever you are planning for that magical someday, you might want to reschedule it for a little sooner.

Maybe a date that is actually on your calendar.

Don’t Wait for Someday

There can be a better time, but there is no perfect time.

The present always beats an unknown future.

Don’t save your plans for someday. Instead, start doing them today.

Question: What have you been putting off until someday? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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5 thoughts on “Stop Waiting for Someday to Come

  1. You’ve nailed it again, Craig. I think the deception we fall for with procrastination is that we’ve been telling ourselves “someday” for years. But circumstances will never someday present themselves favorable for right priorities. We have to choose how we’ll spend our time. Thanks for another great post.

  2. Waiting for someday. Someday he will move in or propose. Someday my children will have a father. Someday I will die and none of it will have ever mattered. Always waiting for someday to happen that is totally beyond my control