5 Things You Need to Do IRL to Get More Done

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The other day I met up with a friend and fellow blogger IRL.

IRL, right?

In case you aren’t familiar, IRL is online lingo for, “In Real Life.”

It means, in the physical world, not playing on your phone. (Gasp!)

These days we live such virtual lives that many of us communicate more via our mobile devices than we do talking to others.

Yet, sometimes you need to unplug and re-connect IRL.

Meeting With Someone IRL

Back to my meeting the other day…

I met at a local co-working office with a fellow blogger that I normally communicate with on Twitter and via email. We had traded a few messages about an idea for a new project.

In less than 45 minutes meeting in person, we not only reconnected on a more personal basis, but planned out a business idea that would have taken much back-and-forth online.

A quick chat IRL got more done than could have been accomplished in dozens of emails.

Getting Things Done IRL

We have become so accustomed to instant messages and status updates that we forget the value of communicating and doing things IRL.

There are some things that are better accomplished online, yet don’t underestimate the power of doing things IRL.

Here are 5 Things You Need to Do IRL to Get More Done:

  1. Visit Someone IRL – Who have you been putting off visiting? A friend? A relative? FaceTime and Skype are great tools, but there is something magical about seeing people IRL. Go see someone face-to-face.
  2. Talk to Someone IRL – Don’t play the email game or text message back-and-forth. Pick up the phone. Have a conversation. Talk it out. It can be much more effective, especially for emotional topics.
  3. Do Something IRL – Blasting emails around the Internet can be powerful, but sometimes you need to get physically involved. Actually go and get your hands dirty. Do the work. Learn the skills. Get it done.
  4. Make Dreams Come True IRL – Goals get done IRL, dreams are only in your imagination. Make your dreams into goals that you can accomplish in the real world.
  5. Spend Time IRL – Deliberately spend time IRL. Instead of having an affair with your smartphone, put that device down and enjoy the life around you. And yes, go outside for a walk with someone special.

The virtual world allows us to do amazing things and communicate in new ways.

However, sometimes you just need to live a little bit IRL.

What do you need to do IRL?

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8 thoughts on “5 Things You Need to Do IRL to Get More Done

  1. Some great points Craig! We are so caught up in the digital world that sometimes we forget the “real” one.

    I like to fully disconnect when IRL. If I am out, I am out for real. Even though I have an iPhone I never check my email outside unless I really have to, especially when I am with out with someone.

  2. I’m glad you encourage people engaging in person. I feel like some people use social media instead of actually being social.

    And I completely agree about actually speaking to someone about emotional issues. Any form of text of the subject can be misinterpreted. Since text has no real tone things can get messy really quick.


    • Social media is a powerful tool that allows us to reach out to people would never have connected with… yet from my experience true relationships begin when I connect with those people IRL.

  3. Thanks for the advice! You make a strong point that exactly reflects the current situation. Just as @LeadingEdgeLea:disqussaid below, social media has in fact made us less social. Also, it’s just so much easier to communicate IRL! There’s less miscommunication, you can read emotions better, you can understand tone better. Things don’t get “lost in translation.”

    While your post seems so simple at first (of course everyone needs to talk more IRL!), the fact that you need to make a post about it means that too few people actually do it. And that’s pretty scary!

  4. Great list and reminder, Craig. We do way too much via devices. I might add “date”… kids today aren’t getting enough real contact, and I think relationships are suffering as a consequence.