How to Keep Your Tasks Front and Center

Todos Non-negotiable

You were going to do that task today.

But, it didn’t get done.

Maybe you forgot about it. Or you were too busy.

How do you keep sight of your most important todos and ensure they get done?

Losing Sight of Your Todos

You said you were going to do that task today.

Ironically, you even wrote it diligently on your todo list.

However, you closed the notebook that your list was in. (Or turned off your phone with your todo app.)

It was quickly out of sight… and out of mind.

A todo that is out of sight, is one that doesn’t get done.

To ensure that you get your most important todos done, you need to keep them front and center.

Visible and In Your Face

If you have an important todo, you want it in-your-face until it’s done.

(Is this why some people resort to writing tasks on their hands?)

You want that task to be visible, so that it is impossible to ignore.

So visible, that it is annoying.

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Important Todo Front and Center:

  1. Keep It Visible – If it absolutely must get done, make sure it doesn’t leave your sight. A good tip is to carry a needed item for the task with you at all times until it gets done.
  2. Make It Nonnegotiable – When a task is optional, you can put it off. Make your important task nonnegotiable. Make sure it must get done before you finish your day.
  3. Have Someone Hold You Accountable – We don’t like it when others have to tell us to do something. (Like when our partner or spouse reminds us of something.) Yet, this can be a powerful motivator. Have someone hold you accountable, and you’ll be motivated to get that important task done before they check up on you.
  4. Check Your List – If you don’t regularly look at your list, you might as well not keep one. Ensure you check your list at regular intervals so that it can remind you of that important task you wrote down.
  5. Set a Deadline – Tasks will float until there is a reason they must be done. Make a deadline (even an artificial one) to put a boundary on your important task. (Of course, take your deadlines…deadly serious.)

Front and Center… Gets It Done.

Don’t let those important tasks out of your sight.

Give them the attention they deserve, and the visibility they require.

Keep them front and center, and you will be assured of getting them done.

Question: How do you keep your task front and center?