10 Ways to Make Some Motivation Today

Do you need some motivation today?

Maybe a gentle nudge towards action?

Or perhaps a swift kick to get you moving?

Less Moping, More Making

When you can’t get yourself motivated, you need to breakthrough.

Sometimes, you just need to pick yourself up and get things going.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Stop moping and start making your own motivation.

Here are 10 Ways to Make Some Motivation Today:

  1. Win Early – The early bird not only gets the worm, but has a spring in its step all day long. Get something done early, and you’ll get things done all day long.
  2. Change the Game – If you aren’t winning, you may need to change the game. Change the rules, even break them. Do things differently if you want different results.
  3. Celebrate the Small Wins – Big wins aren’t going to happen every day. Learn to celebrate the small progress. It’s these little victories that add up over the long-term.
  4. Believe in Yourself – Nothing generates motivation like confidence. Believe in yourself. No one is going to be your bigger fan than you. You are stronger and better than you think. Believe it.
  5. Prepare for Your Day – Being “ready” is motivating. When you are prepared for your day, you are excited to get it going. Take some time to prepare and you’ll be ready to charge into your day.
  6. Do Something You Enjoy – To kick up your motivation, do something you enjoy. Find a task that you enjoy doing and use that to get you started.
  7. Plan Your Dreams – When today has got you down, plan for tomorrow. It’s not about living in a daydream, but putting steps in place to get you to your dreams.
  8. Do Something Physical – If you want to pump up your motivation, then hit the gym. Or simply do something physical. Go for a jog or walk. Get your body moving, and it will stay that way. Exercise is a great motivator.
  9. Take Care of Loose Ends – Sometimes you are unmotivated because you are carrying around a mental load of undone tasks. Take care of the ones that are weighing on your brain so that you can move forward in your day.
  10. Connect With Someone Positive – Positive attitudes are contagious. Connect with other positive people. Multiple positive attitudes lead to exponential motivation as a group.

Motivate Yourself Today

You don’t have to mope through your day.

When life doesn’t provide inspiration, create your own.

Just a little action can inspire you to big things.

So, make your own motivation today.

Question: How do you motivate yourself?

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16 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Some Motivation Today

  1. I used to always start working on my number one priority item each day – and still do to some degree – but have found if I can find one or two small things to knock out first it helps to keep motivated. Probably because I am list checker-off-er.

  2. Excellent article – really loved it! When I’m not feeling so motivated I start to reading inspiring quotes, reconnect to the vision of why i am doing something, ie: remind myself of all the goods things to come and I also get grateful, because this shifts my energy higher! 🙂

  3. As a student studying Social Media theory & practice w/ @dr4ward at @NewhouseSU, I’m subscribing your blog. Thanks for this “motivating” article..I love them all, but especially no. 3, 4, and 5! #NewhouseSM6