10 Things Wrong With Your New Year’s Resolutions

This post isn’t meant to be a de-motivator as much as a reality check.

New Year’s Resolutions don’t get much respect these days.

It seems that most of them are toast before the toasting of the New Year is over.

88% of them are gone with two months.

However, it’s not the resolutions that’s the issue.

It’s us.

Resolutions or Wishes?

We set silly, ridiculous, and even impossible resolutions.

Then, we expect them to magically come true.

But, changes don’t happen immediately.

How long did it take you to get into debt? You aren’t going to get out of it overnight.

And they don’t happen without effort.

Getting into shape is going to be tough and physically grueling work.

Maybe they should be called New Year’s wishes.

That might be more accurate in many cases.

Why Your Resolutions Aren’t Going to Come True

It is our unrealistic expectations that result in failure at our resolutions.

Are your resolutions grounded in reality? Or are they destined to be forgotten by February?

Here are 10 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Going to Come True:

  1. Too Many Resolutions – If your resolutions list looks like the picture at the topic of this post, then you have too many resolutions. Pick one. Two max. Focus isn’t possible when you have too many goals at once. You need laser-like focus on your resolution.
  2. Your Resolutions are Unrealistic – Many of our resolutions are to change conditions that we have been enduring for years. Don’t think that a quick fix is going to happen. Be realistic about small steps. Then repeat.
  3. You Won’t Pay the Price – Nothing is free in life. Resolutions cost time, money, and sacrifice. Are you willing to pay the price or are you just paying lip-service?
  4. Your Resolutions Aren’t Flexible – Do you see your resolutions as win or lose? There has to be some amount of adaptability. While changing your goals should not be used as a cop-out, it should be used as course correction. Life happens. Make sure your resolutions are ready to adapt.
  5. You Aren’t Acting Today – People like to make resolutions and then say, “I’ll start that tomorrow.” Or next week. If you aren’t doing it today, you aren’t going to do it tomorrow.
  6. You Don’t Have the Information Needed – If one of your resolutions is to start a new career path, you need to ensure that you have the knowledge to make that leap. Attempting a new goal without the proper knowledge is like going on an adventure without a map. You may eventually get there, but it’s going to be a long trip.
  7. They Aren’t Your Resolutions – Are you setting resolutions because someone else wants you to? If they aren’t your goals, you will not be dedicated to them. Make sure you own them yourself.
  8. You Aren’t Willing to Fail – Here’s an ironic one. Many people fail at their resolutions because they are afraid to fail. Well, by choosing not to try, you have chosen to fail by default.
  9. Your Resolutions Are All Talk – Are your resolutions all talk? Don’t say what you aren’t going to do.  It’s all about action. (See #5)
  10. You’ll Quit Before the Finish Line – 60% of resolutions are given up in the first 30 days. 88% by the end of the second month. You can’t win a race if you stop before the finish line. It’s not always about time, but about reaching the destination.

Real Resolutions

Did you make resolutions this year?

If so, make sure that you have checked them against this list.

Be one of the 10% that do stick with their resolutions and goals for the New Year.

You might just change your life.

Questions: What were your resolutions this year? What will you do to make sure you succeed?

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