12-12-12: Are You Ready to Kickstart Your Year?

Today is 12-12-12.

It sounds like a special day, and it is.

As much as I have been talking about it, Kickstart the Year launches today.

Take Control Of Your Goals

Kickstart the Year is a package of great resources to help you kickstart your goals and motivation.

It is a truly amazing bundle of eproducts that we have assembled.

Here is what is included in the Kickstart the Year 2013 bundle:

  • Chris Brogan on Self-Reflection: The Three Words Video Webinar (Value: $47)
  • Gini Dietrich on Starting a Business: Starting a Business: Real-Life Experience, Tips. and Tools for Success (Value: $25)
  • Jeff Goins on Writing Your Book: The Writer’s Studio and How to Start Publishing for Kindle (Value: $65)
  • Craig Jarrow on Time Management: 31 Days, 31 Ways: Daily Tips for Time Management Mastery (Value: $31)
  • Lorie Marrero on Organization: Home Office Rules of Thumb: A Handy Guide to Organizing Your Time, Information, and Workspace (Value: $20)
  • Jonathan Mead on Making Your Dreams Happen: Reclaim Your Dreams (Value: $47)
  • Kate Swoboda on Living a Meaningful Life: The Courageous Living Program(Value: $125)
  • Dick Talens on Getting Fit: Hack Your Body By Hacking Your Brain (Value: $45)
  • Jaime Tardy on Taking Control of Your Finances: Eventual Millionaire Academy: Part One (Value: $67)
  • Mike Vardy on Productivity: The Ready Retreat Series (Value: $20)

You’ll receive products from 10 different authors for one low price of $88. 

(Separately, they cost almost $500. This represents over an 80% discount.)

Kickstart Your Year

No matter what your personal goals, there is something to help you in the Kickstart the Year bundle.

I hope that you will check it out and join the others that are ready to start on their big goals.

Click here and get ready to kickstart your life today.

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