Working Beyond Today Is Hard

Are you stuck in today?

You are so busy just getting through today that tomorrow will have to wait.

Yet, if you don’t put in the effort today, you won’t change your tomorrow.

Stuck in Today

Is every day in your world the same?

You just keep working on the same things.

Is it Groundhog Day each and every day? (Movie reference)

 “If you do the same things every day… your days will be the same.

Changing your tomorrow requires hard work today.”

Change is hard.

Making a better tomorrow for yourself is ever harder.

Working for Tomorrow

You probably have aspirations and dreams.

But, how do you make them happen? How do you get from today to tomorrow’s reality.

You have to work diligently each day to make sure that you invest some of your time for the future.

That is how progress is made. That is how change for the better is done.

Here are 5 Ways to Work for Your Tomorrow:

  1. A Step Every Day – Make sure that you take a step forward each day. It doesn’t have to be a big one, but if you invest just a little bit of today for tomorrow, the dividends can be amazing.
  2. Push Yourself – Don’t stay stuck in today because you are not exerting yourself enough. Push yourself to new limits and levels. You are stronger than you think, and you will have to exert yourself to make a better tomorrow. Success doesn’t come to those who idle.
  3. Start! – Many people’s tomorrow never comes because they never start. They don’t begin. And their goals sit on a shelf, gathering dust for years. (Maybe a lifetime.) You can’t reach your tomorrow if you never start the journey.
  4. Record Your Progress – Measuring your progress is important. A success journal is a great way track your efforts as you build momentum towards your future. Write down your achievements, no matter how small they seem.
  5. Don’t Give Up – Those who achieved success know that it is not quick nor easy. You will fall down many times along the way. Just make sure that you get back up more than you fall down.

Tomorrow is Hard Work

Tomorrow is not just going to show up on your doorstep one day.

Goals only succeed if you are willing to put in the work.

Working beyond today is hard. But, the rewards are tremendous.

Make sure you do something today… for tomorrow.

Question: What are you doing today, to make your tomorrow happen?

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6 thoughts on “Working Beyond Today Is Hard

  1. Even baby steps get “tomorrow” started so that’s why I usually do. A small thing is always easier to incorporate into the day than an entire project. I like your article and the “don’t give up” message 🙂 Thanks!