Always, Always Pack Your Workout Clothes

Do you workout when you travel?

Or do your fitness efforts stop when you are on the road?

You may avoid packing those workout clothes because you are trying to “pack light.”

Or is that just an excuse?

Today, I want to tell you that you should always pack your workout clothes.

Working Out While Travelling

I recently went on two business trips.

The first one I made the mistake of not packing my workout clothes.

I thought I was going to have a over-booked client schedule and not a moment to myself.

Of course, two mornings in a row, I ended up with plenty of downtime that I could have spent at the gym. But, alas my workout clothes were thousands of miles away.

The second trip, I brought my workout clothes even though it was a short trip.

When I got up in the morning, I said, “Well, I better hit the gym… my running shoes are waiting for me.”

“Bringing your workout clothes when you travel is a must.

You have to plan ahead to make working out part of your trip.

Always bring your workout clothes.”

Why aren’t you bringing your workout clothes when you travel?

Do these excuses should familiar?

  • It’s a short trip. I’ll only miss a day or two at the gym.
  • I won’t have time to workout while travelling.
  • The hotel won’t have an adequate gym facility.

In reality, the only thing stopping you from working out… is you.

Ready to Workout

I guarantee that you won’t workout if you don’t bring your workout clothes when travelling.

So, instead of defeating yourself before you even leave, make sure you pack your workout clothes and gear.

Here are some tips for ensuring you get your workout in:

  • Get Up Early – Do your workout before everyone else gets up. You’ll beat the rush at the hotel gym and can then relax before your day even begins. When travelling from the East Coast to West, I usually just stay on East Coast time and get up early to workout.
  • Skip Hotel Breakfast – Trust me, you don’t need the croissant and hash browns from the hotel breakfast buffet. Skip the temptation and instead hit the gym. Grab a bottled water and a protein bar the night before. Then you can not only fit your workout in, but have a healthier start to your day.
  •  Plan On It – You do have time to workout on the road. Make time. Even on the busiest of trips, a good workout can be a great stress break. So, skip the extra round of drinks in the bar. And don’t stay up watching TV.
  • Choose Hotels With a Decent Gym – I once went to a gym that had a treadmill and a set of dumbbells in a closet. Needless to say, I didn’t return again. If you are serious about getting your workout in, choose hotels that are known for having a decent workout facility. Better yet, find one that offers passes to a local “real” gym.
  • A Short Workout is Better than No Workout – OK, so you may not be able to do your 90 minute power-weightlifting routine in the hotel facility. But, a short cardio workout or light weight workout is still enough to get your body pumping. Any workout beats no workout… every time.

Hit the Road… and Still Hit the Gym

You may not get to your workout on every business trip.

However, you have already cancelled it if you don’t pack your gym clothes.

You are what you do every day.

Be prepared, so that when you hit the road, you can still hit the gym.

Question: Do you bring your workout clothes when you travel?

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11 thoughts on “Always, Always Pack Your Workout Clothes

  1. Hi Craig – I packed my workout clothes up to last year when I was in China. I injured my calf on the treadmill and it made for a very difficult trip as there was no changing my agenda. That is the only drawback and I encourage anyone working out while traveling be mindful of the mission and repercussions of a potential injury. You might need to lighten your workout, especially if you are traveling alone overseas. Also, pack a plastic bag to hold your sweaty clothes until you can get the washed out.

  2. I admit that all three of your excuses sound familiar as I have used them all, but I have a trip in a couple of weeks and I am definitely packing my workout clothes. Thanks.

  3. I’m the idiot who is doing pushups while waiting for a friend…in a restaurant. I’m also the idiot who’s doing pull-ups on the NJ-PATH (subway line into NY).

    Even without workout gear, it doesnt stop me. I used to belong to a Dojo where once a week we’d show up in our dressy shoes, and full-on business attire and spar in our street clothes.

    So dude…I couldnt agree more. Bring the gear wherever you go and if you forget the gear dont let that stop you 🙂

    See ya in Vegas, bro. I’m a try to attend your NMX Session.

  4. I always start packing with my workout stuff that fills up nearly the half of the suitcase.
    Running outside is a good option at hotels with no decent gym.

  5. Even without your gym kit, you can do press up and sit ups in your room. Find out what the best most effective equipment-less workouts are for you, and you’ll always have a back up.

  6. Another tip when traveling, lay out your work out clothes and shoes the night before. It makes it much easier to slide out of bed, slide into the workout clothes, and hit the gym

  7. I forgot to pack my gym clothes and my protein bars as i rushed out for a short notice trip. It makes sense to keep a set already packed in your suitcase year round. That way, you cannot forget..the clothes are already there!