21 Ways to Finish Your Week on a Positive Note

Do you finish your week with a sigh of relief?

Thank goodness it is over.

You would love to end the week on a happy note.

But, that is easier said than done.

What if you chose to finish your week on a positive note?

Ending the Week With a Thumbs Up

Let’s finish the week on a positive note. Let’s end with an upbeat attitude.

And leave work with things wrapped up until the following week.

It’s really up to you… how you end your week’s story.

Choose to end your week on a positive note.

Go into the weekend with a smile on your face.

What would that do for your attitude heading into the weekend? (And even into next week?)

However, we often let negative occurrences and urgencies overwhelm us throughout the work week.

This can cause us to overlook or forget the simple things we need to do to stay positive.

Here are 21 Things You Can Do to End Your Week on a Positive Note:

  1. Thank someone who has helped you this week.
  2. Compliment a team member who did a good job.
  3. Call someone who you have been meaning to reach out to.
  4. Read that book for 15 minutes.
  5. Finish an important project.
  6. Complete a task ahead of schedule.
  7. Clean your workspace or desk. (You’ll start Monday on a positive note, too!)
  8. Do one last task that you weren’t going to do. The extra few minutes will pay off in peace of mind and your sense of accomplishment.
  9. Workout before the weekend.
  10. Help someone else who is having difficulty closing their week.
  11. Say hello to the person you have wanted to meet.
  12. Look at your calendar for the coming week to avoid any surprises.
  13. Empty your inbox to zero.
  14. Review your todo list for any tasks you may have forgotten.
  15. Apologize to someone you may have wronged this week.
  16. Ask one of your team members how they are doing. Then listen.
  17. Be thankful for what you have.
  18. Write in your journal.
  19. Plan for the future.
  20. Tell someone that you care about them.
  21. Pay it forward. Something. Anything.

A Happy Ending To Your Week

Here’s a big thumbs up to your week.

It’s up to you how you close it out.

Choose a positive ending. And have a great weekend!

Question: Which of these are you going to do today?

3 thoughts on “21 Ways to Finish Your Week on a Positive Note

  1. Thank-You for the lovely list.

    Be thankful for what you have. – This is something I like to do daily every morning, and it definitely puts me in a positive mood.

    #22 could be: Think about some of the fun things you are going to do on the weekend!

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