How to Tie Up the Loose Ends of Your Productivity

Loose ends.

They hang out. And bother you.

They rub you the wrong way.

They gnaw on your subconscious and make you feel guilty.

Sometimes, you need to address these loose ends so that you can concentrate on the task at hand.

What you do you to tie up?

Loose Ends Lead to Lost Productivity

Loose ends are unfinished tasks and unaddressed items that you think about throughout your day.

They can cause life friction and stress. And often these small loose ends cause big distractions.

They prevent you from being productive and getting your work done.

Loose ends are unfinished business or things you meant to do.

They weigh on your mind and distract you from your work.

Here are just a few loose ends that are bugging you:

  • That unfinished task that you left half-done
  • The missed deadline that has not yet caught up with you
  • The unpaid bill that you are aware of
  • That promise that you made to a friend
  • The phone call you have been meaning to return
  • Email that has been piling up in your inbox for days

All of these loose ends are on your mind and affecting your ability to get work done.

Stopping Things From Coming Unraveled

To prevent loose ends from derailing your productivity, you need to deal with them.

If you leave them hanging, chances are they will only come more unraveled.

Here are 5 Ways to Deal With Your Loose Ends:

  1. Do It Now –  If it is a small task that will only take a few minutes, then do it now. That way you will be able to cross it off your mental checklist and get back to your important work.
  2. Tie It Off – Loose ends bug us so much because they are loose. They are undefined, tattered, and coming apart. Maybe you can’t do them now, but you need to address them so they are not bothering you.  Tie off loose ends by setting a new deadline, giving someone a status update, or by placing something on hold. Tying off a loose end can give you temporary reprieve, so you can go back to your work without worrying.
  3. Cut The Cord – Some loose ends are better simply cut off. Ask yourself if the thing that is bugging you really needs to get done. Some miscellaneous tasks are better deleted from your todo list.
  4. Capture It – Is your loose end bugging you because you don’t want to forget it? Capture your loose end now, so you can do it later. Write it down on your todo list. Then you can let it go until you return to your list.
  5. Delegate It – Sometimes you need help with a loose end or someone else is better suited to the task. Whether at work or home, some loose ends are better delegated. However until you do, you will still be stressing about them being in a limbo. Don’t let loose ends bother you if you should be delegating them to others.

What Loose Ends Do You Need to Tie Up?

Think about the loose ends you have on your mind today.

Get ahold of them. Then address, capture, or get rid of them.

You will reduce your stress and be able to better concentrate on your work.

Question: What loose ends do you need to tie off today?

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