5 Ways to Not Lose Your Sunglasses

Do you lose sunglasses?

I used to misplace (translation: lose) several pairs a year.

When did you lose your last pair?

Where Are Your Glasses… Right Now?

Where are your sunglasses… right now?

This is not a pop quiz. It should be easy.

You should know where your sunglasses are at all times.

Because your glasses are exactly where you put them.

To paraphrase George Carlin:

“If I knew where I had them last… they wouldn’t be missing.”

If you always have a place to put your sunglasses… you will know where they are.

5 Tips To Ensure You Don’t Lose Your Sunglasses

You end up losing your sunglasses when you do something with them that you shouldn’t.

Like bringing them into that restaurant. Or placing them on the counter when checking into the hotel.

Here are 5 Tips to Help Prevent You From Losing Your Sunglasses:

  1. Have a “Home” For Them – The first step in not losing your sunglasses is having a “home” for them wherever you are. At home, at work, on the go, you need to designate a “home base” for your glasses. For example, at home my sunglasses go in the caddy by the door. In my car, they go on my visor clip. And at work, they go on designated shelf with my car keys. I always put them in the same “homes.” I know where they are because I always put them in the same places.
  2. Have a Routine When Out – Sunglasses are for wearing, not for storing at home. So, you need to have a plan for when you are out and not using your sunglasses. I personally do not like to put them on top of my head. (Gives me a headache.) I prefer to clip them to my shirt. You can get a lanyard. (Not as cool.) Or a case, if that works for you. Again, it is about consistency in where you put them.
  3. Don’t Set Them Down – This rule is one part discipline and one part habit. Simply put, do not set your glasses down. Put them wherever you prefer (#2), but avoid setting them on tables, countertops, and anyplace else that is tempting. This is especially true in restaurants where sunglasses tend to migrate over to the condiments/dessert menu area and stay there when you leave.
  4. Put Them With Something – One of the most common ways to lose your sunglasses is to simply leave them behind when you leave a location. A good tactic is to always keep your sunglasses with something that you cannot leave without… like your car keys or your bag. This works well in restaurants and I also do it at work, as well. I can’t leave without my keys and my glasses are right with them.
  5. Leave Them Behind When in High Risk Areas – A good way to prevent losing your sunglasses in certain environments is to not bring them there in the first place. Avoid bringing your sunglasses into “high risk” locations. Don’t carry your sunglasses into restaurants, movie theaters, and business locations. You don’t need them inside. You need them outside when you get back to your car. So, leave them there, where you already have a “home” for them. (See #1).
And here is a Bonus Tip:
  1. Only Carry Sunglasses You Can Afford (To Lose) –  And finally, a word of reason… don’t carry sunglasses that you can’t afford to lose. Despite your best efforts, all it takes is an accidental drop or some nefarious individual to lift your glasses. At a wedding, I set my sunglasses at my seat with my other possessions while dancing. (I didn’t abide by Rule #3.) Someone helped themselves to my glasses before my return. While I am a big fan of Oakley’s and other expensive brands, I have gone more economical. I get mine at Costco and prefer Ray-Ban and SPY brand sunglasses.

Don’t Lose Your Sunglasses

Following these simple rules, my sunglasses have been much more likely to stay with me.

I cannot remember the last time I lost a pair of sunglasses.

Broken? Well, that’s another story.

Question: What are your best tips to prevent losing your sunglasses?

69 thoughts on “5 Ways to Not Lose Your Sunglasses

  1. I just came out with a new Product called CapStrap that helps eliminate dropping, breaking, or losing sunglasses if you enjoy wearing a hat or visor. Capstrap attaches to the top of your hat bill and holds down your sunglasses while you have them resting on top of your head/hat. We would really enjoy feedback on our product from people who tend to lose sunglasses, or constantly worry where to keep them safe. capstrapusa.com

  2. Good list!

    I lose mine at music festivals where there are thousands of people and few hundred of them that I’m friends with want me to come see them. So my glasses go on and off frequently as people text me their location ( I’m near the front left speaker at the main stage! I’m in the stands section 19, row 12ish near the stairs! etc ) and people will recognize me and grab me as I push my way through the crowd to get where I’m going. my glasses usually disappear somewhere along the way as I usually tuck one arm of the glasses into my pants pocket to hold them there.

    Add the loud dance music, laser shows, dancers, and people want to hand me flyers and business cards as I pass them, and you have a recipe for disaster!

    I’m going to get Lasik surgery later this year, but I think I’ll buy some super cheap glasses ( like the online order from China variety ) to wear at events.

  3. Except for the “don’t put it on the top of your head” (but not because I get headaches) none of these suggestions will help me. In the past 5 years I have lost at least half a dozen sunglasses, usually when they were on the top of my head – blown off by the wind, knocked off by a wave, or fell when I tossed my head on a zipline. I saw it being washed away by the creek below.

  4. Not a fan of those lanyards either and got this one called the eyecatcher which is way cooler- like a modern day monocle holder.

  5. Or you can buy this eyewear holder! I have one and it’s so easy to use! It’s also very cheap. I bought mine from Amazon:

  6. Excellent information, thanks! However, what is the brand of the sunglasses in the photo? They are very stylish!

    1. I just lost my third pair of sunglasses within ten months. The first pair I lost I found on the floor of a RR station. I had them for four years till I left them on the bus. The next two were $1.00 sunglasses at the Dollar Tree and actually nice looking and sturdy. Except I left one of the two pairs at Staples a few months ago and I just lost the other pair on the way to work today. I thought I decided a system/way of not leaving them somewhere but not so. And the thing about it is I have no idea how or where I lost them. At the Rite Aid counter before the train? I don’t know…At the destination train station? I don’t know…I had them hanging from my collar t-shirt. Did some crafty pickpocket thief lift them? I don’t think so.

      The bottom line is I feel like a complete airhead being that I made a pledge to myself not to do this again but I did.

      I’m going to check Rite Aid on the way home tonight that maybe I left them there and someone turned them in. But really…who would???

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