What Are You Going to Do NEXT Year?


Recently, I was talking with a friend, and he was telling me about his goals.

He had lots of big ideas, and things that he wanted to accomplish.

As the conversation progressed, I noticed something strange. All of his statements were in the future. He telling me about what he was going to do next year.

I asked simply, “What about this year?”

He was quick to reply, “Oh, things are too busy this year.”

Always a Year Away

When I ask people about their goals, I often hear about how busy they are right now.

“Things are too busy. Maybe when things settle down. When there is more time.”

Instead, I hear about what they are going to do next year.

Next year…

– I am going to go back to school.

– I am going to get a new job.

– I am going to write that book.

– I am going to exercise more.

(Note: Too much “going” and not enough “doing”)

What about this year?

Don’t Wait

Some of the best work is accomplished in the now.

When there is little time. Or few resources.

So, what is stopping you now?  You can start your goals today.

Just do something. Anything.

If you goal is to get in shape… exercise today… if only for a few minutes.

If you want to write your book… start an outline… if even just a few headers.

If you want to find a new career… spend some time examining your options.

But, whatever you do… don’t wait.

Otherwise, you will still be here… next year.

Make It This Year

Next year must be pretty special if everyone is waiting for it.

However, life is always busy. And there is never enough time.

There is not one right time. And sometimes the best work is done under tough circumstances.

Don’t wait. Don’t put off your dreams until next year.

Do them right now. This year.

Question: What are you telling yourself that you will do “next year?”

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4 thoughts on “What Are You Going to Do NEXT Year?

  1. I’ve observed this in a lot of people and in myself, too. It’s easy to fool yourself into think that you’re in a temporary busy state – but this state of busyness is probably the new normal.

    • @Loren Pinilis I agree. One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Tombstone where Doc Holiday says to Wyatt Earp, “There is no such thing a normal life. There’s just life.”

      If you are waiting for the perfect time… You could be waiting for a long time…

  2. Next year, next quarter, next month, 2 weeks from now, next week…
    Are there goals living there?
    Where are they, really?
    Do you find you followthrough on these kinds of goals?
    How long have they been living there?
    Someday I’ll…It’s not an Island, or a day of the week.
    Resolve to make what’s important to you happen.
    How can you move these things up?
    Solutions may be simpler than you think.