Does Your Workplace Smell Like Productivity?

Listen… do you smell something?

That is the smell of productivity.

You can almost sense it in the air when you enter the workplace of an efficient company.

It’s Like Magic

If you have ever worked with an efficient team, you know what it feels like to be part of a well-oiled machine.

Things are moving.

Things are humming.

Things are getting done.

“When a team is productive…

Everything seems effortless…

Everyone knows their part…

Work and creativity flow… like magic.

Competitors and other teams can’t compete or keep up.”

It feels great to be part of such a team or environment.

Smells Like Productivity

So, what does productivity smell like?

  1. People Don’t Care About Schedules – No one cares when others are coming or going, just that the work is getting done. No one blinks an eye when Justin comes in at 9:30 or when Sally leaves at 3:30.
  2. No One Is Worried About “Whose Job It Is” – Everyone has their part and knows it. No one is worried about others pulling their weight. They also know that the team wins together.
  3. People Are Allowed to Say “No” – Team members can say “No” when appropriate. To meetings, to tasks, to their boss, and even to customers when necessary.
  4. Minimal Email – You might assume that a productive team would have messages buzzing. However, the highly efficient team knows the right tools for the job. They don’t send email when a phone call or text message is the right medium. Nor will they engage in email Ping-Pong when there is work to get done.
  5. No Pushers – When there is work to get done, it gets done. You won’t find any task-pushers, procrastinators, or mindless delegation on these teams.
  6. Few Regular (Repeating) Meetings – Meetings are only called when action is needed. And never to just update the team. You will not find many standing meetings on the calendar.
  7. Regular Team Bonding Events – Teams that work hard, play hard. And I am not talking about “going to the bar.” When was the last time your team had fun together? Often, you don’t even need to leave the office.
  8. Fire Drills Are Rare – You won’t find many fire drills in these environments for two reasons. One, they are on top of their work, and two, they know the difference between an urgency and a fire drill.

Does this list sound like your workplace?

It’s in the Air…

When a team is productive… everyone knows it.

They can sense it. Feel it.

There’s just something palpable in the air.

And yes, it smells good in here.

Question: Can you sense the productivity in your workplace?

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10 thoughts on “Does Your Workplace Smell Like Productivity?

  1. When I worked in the corporate world, meetings were abundant. We spent more than 3 hours a day on useless, stuffy meetings everyone hated. Somehow, the more people resisted to these meetings, the more mandatory meetings were scheduled. As a result, there were many unhappy employees.

    • @agonzalezkw Couldn’t agree more. Most corporate environments fill their days with meetings… just so they “feel” like they are getting work done.

  2. These really are great indicators. Although #1 is a little extreme, with the rise of R.O.W.E. (results only work environment) it makes sense. The vast majority of people and organizations have a hard habit to break. Thanks for the tips!

    • @jorgebarba Jorge, I hear you on #1. I am a big fan of R.O.W.E. However, I don’t think many companies have gone that route.

      But, with remote workers, flexible schedules, virtual offices… I think it will be a trend to watch.

  3. I work at a public University, and it doesn’t smell like productivity. I’m not sure if either one of your points apply. A lot of things get done, but there are many bad habits to break 🙂

  4. I wish … 🙂
    No really, I can say that I’m so much more productive in my own personal projects (or at home) than in my work place.
    There is just so much distraction in an cubicle environment. And normally in an 8 hour work day, I would say that there is maximum of 5 hours of productive time (which is scattered because of interruptions).