Want a Head Start? Take It!


No one wants to be behind the curve at the start of a new week.

People want to get a jump start on their work.

Yet, many show up just-in-time, disorganized, and with little or no preparation.

The result is a tough week in which you find yourself just trying to keep up with your workload.

Does your week get off to a slow or rough beginning?

Why don’t you take a head start?

Start at the Front of the Pack

Are you the type that shows up just in time for the new week?

“Starting your week behind the curve isn’t fun.

You end up treading water all week just to keep up.”

Everyone wants a head start, but no one seems to take one.

Many talk about getting ahead, but few take the action needed to actually get ahead.

The irony is, that in most cases, there is nothing preventing you from taking a head start.

Get a Head Start on Everyone

Is the only thing in your way of getting ahead, you?

Stop making excuses. Start taking action.

There is nothing stopping you from taking a head start, today!

10 Ways to Take Head Start:

  1. Get Up Early – Sleeping in never got anyone ahead of the pack. Be the early bird and start your day before others are even out of their bed.
  2. Complete Something Ahead of Deadline – Most people want until the last moment to complete their tasks. Beat deadlines by finishing well ahead of them.
  3. Arrive Early – Opportunity favors the early. Show up early to your appointments and meetings. You may be surprised at the opportunities that arise. Additionally, you can use the remaining minutes to stay ahead of your work.
  4. Prepare For Your Day – When was the last time you actually prepared for your day in advance? I am not talking about planning, but actually doing your homework. Review the documents for that meeting. Practice that presentation. Be ready when you start your day.
  5. Sunday Cheat – I am a big believer in the separation of work and play. However, when you absolutely need to be ahead of your work, who said you can’t do it on Sunday? When needed, get an unfair advantage by working when others are playing.
  6. Block Your Time – Ensure you get to your calendar before others do. Block your important time in advance, before others can schedule lower priority meetings.
  7. Know Your Tasks – It is hard to stay ahead of your work if you don’t know what you need to do. Be disciplined with your todo list and keep it visible so you are aware of you need to get done.
  8. Motivation – Just like the coach before the big sports event, give yourself a pep talk. Pump up your positive attitude and it will carry you all day long. (If you don’t have a personal pep talk, here is one from the movie Rocky Balboa.)
  9. Be Decisive – Don’t waste time in indecision. Too many people spend inordinate amounts of time trying to make decisions or waiting for someone else to make them. Leaders of the pack make the hard decisions.
  10. Take Action – As Ben Franklin wrote, “Well done is better than well said.” Stop talking and start doing. Don’t start your week at the water cooler recapping the weekend. Get out there and get your work done while others are jabbering. You can reminisce when your work is done.

Begin Your Week in the Lead

If you want to start your week ahead of the pack, then do so!

Do whatever it takes to be ahead of your work, your job, and your peers.

Get out there and take your head start!

How do you get a head start on your week?

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