How to Be Bold and Make Decisions

When was the last time you were bold?

When was the last time you made a decision and embraced it with all your heart?

Maybe it was to start something. Stop something. Or to take a different path in life.

But, you made a choice.

And that can make all the difference.

Choose Your Life

A young professional was presented with a new and unique job opportunity.

He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do about it. He doubted himself, his skills, and his future.

He waited. He thought about it. And then he waited some more.

Finally, the opportunity passed. The company went with another candidate.

In his inaction, he made a choice. Or rather, he let life choose for him.

“Many of us take the ability to choose for granted.

When you stop making choices, you stop living.”

Many people do not make decisions because they do not want to mess up their lives.

However, making choices is what makes your life happen.

Be Bold, Make Decisions

We are presented with myriad choices every single day.

Yet, some choose to let life pass by.

Have you ever let an opportunity slip by because you did not make a decision?

Maybe it was a relationship. A job. Or simply the opportunity to try something new.

Being confident and willing to make choices is an important skill. It can change your life in dramatic ways.

Here are 7 Tips on How to Be Bold and Make Decisions:

  1. Make a Choice Right Now – It is powerful to make choices. Too often we wait for more information, and then wait some more. When you have adequate information, make a decision… now! Right now.
  2. Choose the Open Door – Opportunities present themselves and then are often gone. When a door opens, make sure you examine the option before shutting the door by default. You never know what is on the other side.
  3. Don’t Underestimate Speed Haste doesn’t always make waste. In fact, some choices in life have to be made with speed or you could miss them. This doesn’t mean to be rash, but to be prepared when presented with choices.
  4. Mistakes Count – Fear of making mistakes is what paralyzes many from making life choices. Yet, even a bad choice is better than no choice. You live, you learn. Don’t underestimate the power of bad choices. Most successful people weren’t always that way. In fact, they failed many times on the path to winning.
  5. Life Is About Choice – The irony is that many people complain about all the choices they have to make. Yet, life is made of choices. If you forget that fact, you are destined to be driftwood on the river of life.
  6. You Can Change Your Mind – Really, you can. There are very few choices in life that cannot be changed at a later time. Yes, there are costs to pay, both in time and money. However, you can change your decision later.
  7. The Early Bird Gets The Worm …and So Does The Bold One! – Those who make decisions and take on new opportunities are often rewarded. Others then grumble and complain how they wish they had done that. Life favors the bold. Take action today!

Make Your Bold Choice

Sometimes you have to be bold with your choices.

What have you been hesitant to decide?

If you don’t make choices, life will make them for you.

Be bold… and make your own decisions.

What bold decisions have you made lately?

18 thoughts on “How to Be Bold and Make Decisions

  1. To follow my dream of writing after losing my day job. Some people think I’m nuts but, I at least need to say I tried!

  2. To follow my dream of writing after losing my day job. Some people think I’m nuts but, I at least need to say I tried!

  3. To follow my dream of writing after losing my day job. Some people think I’m nuts but, I at least need to say I tried!

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