Work When Others Are Not

It’s the last week of the year.

It is a great week to spend with friends and family.

(If you are at home… turn this off and go spend time with your loved ones.)

However, for those that are at work this week, it is usually a wasted time period.

Not much gets done this week.  Why is this?

If you are at work… let’s get some stuff done!

The Lost Week

Usually the last week of the year is wasted.

There are lots of excuses that people use:

– Businesses are closed.

– People are on vacation.

– Things are shut down.

– I am getting over the holidays.

You’ve got it backwards!  These are excellent reasons to get big things done!

Time to Get Stuff Done

Are you going to waste this week?

When others are off, is a great time to get ahead on your work.

If you are working, here are just a few things you can do to get ahead:

  1. Work While It’s Quiet – It is usually hard to get peace and quiet in the workplace.  Take advantage of the quieter environment to boost your productivity.
  2. No Interruptions – Do your co-workers constantly interrupt you during a normal work week?  Take advantage of the minimal staffing this week to get bigger projects done.
  3. Get Ahead – Sometimes you are so busy dealing with work, that you don’t get work done.  This week is a great time to get ahead of the curve.  How much less stressful will it be if you start the new year ten steps ahead of everyone else?
  4. Do Creative Work – Creative work needs long uninterrupted periods of time.  This is a perfect week to start that new endeavor or idea.
  5. Maintenance and Cleanup – Catch up on those maintenance tasks that normally get pushed to the back burner.  Whether it is that expense report, filing papers, or cleaning your desk.

An Extra Week

If you are working this week… then work.

This is a secret week.  Some might say an extra week.

Work when others are not.

You will be that much further ahead when everyone else returns.

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  • KirraAntrobus

    I sure wish this was a nice catch-up week for me! I feel like the walls are closing in from all four directions! I’ve got end of month and end of year stuff to do, not to mention preparing for the remodeling we’re doing next month and my eye surgery and recovery next month. i am hoping, though, that it is a slow week as far as customers go because i sure need some uninterrupted work time!

  • I’m definitely using this week as a catchup week. I have a book that needs outlining before the new year gets here, and this is the week to do it. I also have several other small things that need to be done, but with everyone milling about more quietly this week, those things should be able to get done.

    • TMNinja

      @Sushi Best wishes! This week is a great week for getting ahead of the curve!

  • Saidandsung

    I have a list that is intimidatingly long for this week, and it’s hard because I’m still home for the holidays. What I’m doing is getting up early, before everyone else, and cranking out what I can before the social plans set in. Trying to find a balance, and posts like this really help me stay motivated, so thanks!

    • TMNinja

      @Saidandsung Ah, balancing todos and the holidays can be tough. After all, you are suppose to be relaxing, right?

      I like your get up early and get it done approach. 🙂 Have a great week!

    • @TMNinja Thanks, I’ll do my best! And I wish you a great week as well!

    • k0emt

      @Saidandsung @TMNinja Getting up early to work on things is also my version of working when others are not

    • @k0emt @TMNinja Cool! Bryan, just commented on your post. Good points. Craig got us all thinking!

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  • Daytimerpage

    I think it’s natural for people to let down when they see others taking a break. But IMHO identifying pockets of time that you can leverage is so crucial to being productive. This is a particularly great post for those of us who do writing or other creative projects because when the world slows down we can get ahead.

    Happy lost week everyone!