How to Unwind on Your Time Off

Many of us are heading into a holiday weekend.  (It is a 3-day weekend here in the U.S.)

Lots of people will be rushing to clean up their work so they can get out of the office.

Are you ready to leave your work behind?  Are you ready to have fun?

Are you ready for your holiday?

How to Unwind and Enjoy Your Holiday

It is strange how we hurry and stress during our day-to-day work, but then holidays and vacations come along and we have all kinds of new stress.

Are we packed?  Are we done at work?  What will happen while I am gone?  What if there is a problem?

You need to be able to leave your work behind so that you can unwind and enjoy your time off.  Otherwise, you will come back just as stressed and worn out.

So, for this weekend’s holiday, here are just a few tips to help you “Unwind and Enjoy Your Holiday”

  • Turn Off the Work Email – Unless your profession requires you to be on call, turn off your work email.  Don’t check it, don’t even glance at it.  If there is an emergency, someone will call you. If this is not the practice at your work, then you need to make it so.
  • Leave Work At Work – Don’t bring home work that you don’t have to do.  If you are bringing it home because you might get to it this weekend, then you are just imposing yourself with unnecessary guilt and stress.
  • Wrap Things Up Before You Leave – This can make a world of difference.  Make that last call.  Write that last report.  Close that one last issue.  Many people are in so much of a hurry to get out of the office, that they leave things undone.  This comes back to haunt them as the worry and stress about it during their time off.  A few minutes invested before you leave can make all the difference in your peace of mind while on holiday.
  • Plan Something That You Are Excited About – If you really want to get away from work, ensure that you plan something that you want to do on your time off.  Recharging is good, and it can be beneficial to go relax mindlessly for a few days.  However, if you plan something that you are excited about, it will let you unwind that much more.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy vacation.  It can even be something small that you are excited about.  It could be a hobby, an activity, even renting a movie.  Whatever it is , it will give you something to look forward to on your time off.
  • Did I Mention, Turning Off the Work Email?Turn it off! If you are using an iPhone, it is only a few taps to reach the email account “on-off” button.  And it is that easy to turn back after the holiday.  Your family and friends will thank you.

Have Some Fun…

I hope you enjoy your time off, if this is a holiday weekend for you.

Unwind and do something that you are passionate about.

Best wishes!  See you after the holiday!

What are your plans for the holiday?  How do you unwind?

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4 thoughts on “How to Unwind on Your Time Off

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  2. We are going to a cook out in Chicago with family, I’ll make sure to go play basket-ball at the local LA Fitness while I’m there. It seems as if it is the only way I truly unplug.
    Thanks for the article, life can’t be all about work can it?

  3. I think companies should make it a policy that contact only be by phone call off hours. It would cut down on people feeling tied to their email and make us rethink what is truly urgent. A lot of non-urgent material is sent out on the weekends by people who simply enjoy being at their computers and can’t disconnect. But that’s an intrusion on those who need the power of refueling. Thanks for making me think about that. I’m moving away from my keyboard right now, as a matter of fact!

  4. It’s somewhat easy for me to disconnect for a holiday week or weekend. We typically head to our lake house with no cell phone coverage (due to the mountains). We do have Internet access, so if “really” needed I can bring and use my laptop. But, with the distraction of my Blackberry removed, it’s actually quite easy to go for a kayak, a hike, watch a movie, whatever… and never even think about work!