7 Ways to Jump-start Your Work with a Rough Draft

Rough Draft

You can’t seem to get that project started.

It’s been sitting there.

Maybe you are telling yourself that you’re not ready. Or that your idea isn’t good enough yet. Or you’re missing the needed resources.

Those are all excuses.

To jump-start your work, sit down and start your rough draft.

10 Questions to Help You Reflect on Your Year and Prepare for the Next

Reflect on Your Year

As the year ends, it can be a great time to look back at what you accomplished in the past 12 months.

It is a good time to reflect on where you have been.

As well, plot where you are going in the future.

So, how was your year? And where do you want to go in the next one?

8 Tips to Help You Get More Reading Done

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Chances are that you want to read more books than you currently do.

Yet, reading is probably one of the first things to fall off your list.

The average person read less than 6 books last year.

How many did you read?

Read on, if you want to learn how to fit more reading into your busy day.