Time Management Tip: Do You Control Your Phone or Does It Control You?

58 thoughts on “Time Management Tip: Do You Control Your Phone or Does It Control You?

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  3. Great article. I have learned a lot from the tips you share. I hope that you will have many interesting and interesting articles to share with us.

  4. Even though my cell phone is a tool when working, it often can distract me from my work. I tried this app called Forest, which helped challenge me to not use my phone when doing work tasks.

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  6. This infographic really says it all. As you read it, consider how many of the listed signs of addiction apply to you.

    The problem is that the advice at the end of “shut it off” is not practical.

  7. If you don’t need a smart phone, the ATT GoPhone is a great choice. The basic phone is $20, and calls are 10 cents a minute. I buy a text package for $4.99/month, and if one renews before the time expires, the minutes and texts remaining will rollover to the next period.Hacking

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