5 Times You Should Make a Phone Call to Get Things Done

Our phones are magical devices.

They allow us to do things that could only be dreamed of a few years ago.

You can work on the go, from practically anywhere on the planet. You can communicate with anyone instantly. You can look up information on almost anything from the palm of your hand.

Yet, one of the productive tasks that you can do from your phone is the one that many people avoid… making calls.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make that Call

I have written often about how our phones can be both great productivity devices, and as well, great time wasters.

Yet, the original purpose of our phones is that one that many people forget.

Phones are for calling people.

Sounds pretty simple. Yet, we email, text, chat, tweet, and pretty much everything else to avoid making phone calls.

Some people admit that they “just don’t like talking on the phone.” Or that they are afraid of talking to someone.

Yet, speaking is still one of the best and most productive was to get things done. Rather than playing email Ping-Pong or waiting endlessly for a response, pick the phone and make that call.

“Using your phone to actually make calls can be one of it’s most productive uses.”

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Yes, there are times when calls aren’t needed. Or when they take more time then sending a message.

However, there are times when making a phone call is the right answer.

And the more productive choice, as well.

Here are 5 Times You Should Make a Phone Call to Get Things Done:

  1. For Better Communication – The written word can be unclear. Especially when it comes to complicated directions. Even more so when it comes to tone or attitude. The verbal word is often much easier to explain complex topics or ones that involve emotion.
  2. For Personal Matters – If you don’t want the world to see it, then by all means don’t put it in an email or text. You never know where that message will end up or to whom it might be forwarded. For confidential or highly personal messages, always deliver them by call.
  3. For Immediate Matters – A phone call is the best choice when there is an immediate (or emergency) need to notify someone of something. Don’t be the person who sends an email 3 minutes before an event to notify others of a change.
  4. For Coaching – Never put criticism or coaching in an email. Tone, intent, and more can be misconstrued. In fact, never put anything negative in an email. Make sure you have these conversations verbally so that the other person can understand your message and intent.
  5. Easier Said than Typed – Don’t spend time writing a 3-page email or long format text, when a 30 second verbal explanation is easier. As well, you can better judge that your communication was understood by the verbal feedback.

Use Your Phone to Be More Productive

Our phones are magical in the ways they allow us to communicate. However, still the most direct method is to actually talk to someone on the line.

As AT&T used to say (a long time ago), sometimes you just need to reach out and touch someone. Sometimes the best approach is a direct conversation.

So, use your phone to make that call today.

Question: Do you use your phone to make calls to get your work done? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

One thought on “5 Times You Should Make a Phone Call to Get Things Done

  1. I’d add “when email or any written communication (specially asynchronous communication) has already led to misunderstandings. In my experience when that has happened already continuing on the same form of communication method only compounds misunderstanding.

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