5 Cleanup Tasks You Should Do Before You Leave Work Each Week

You are finishing up your work week. If you can just get that last task done, you can run out of the office for the weekend.

But, what are you leaving in your wake? What messes are you leaving behind that will be waiting for you Monday morning? And what tasks will haunt your brain?

If you spend just a few minutes cleaning up your work, you will have a much more enjoyable weekend.

Getting Organized for the Weekend

When you are about to run out of the office for the weekend, you should take the time to clean up before you go. Even a few minutes getting your work organized can help you unplug and relax during your time off.

After all, you don’t want to be worrying all weekend about “what you forgot to do.” Or what may be lurking in your email inbox. And you certainly don’t want to return to start your week and find a mess waiting for you to clean up.

“Get organized before you leave work for the weekend.”

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Here are 5 Cleanup Tasks You Should Do Every Week Before You Leave Work:

  1. Empty your Email Inbox – You may not get to inbox zero every day. Yet, emptying your email each week is a great habit to develop. It ensures that you don’t leave any important items untouched, and it gives you a clean slate for the coming week.
  2. Take Care of your Todo list – Make sure to check your list before you bolt out of the office. You’ll catch those final “must do” tasks that you forgot. And even scheduling important items for next week can let your brain rest over your days off.
  3. Tidy Your Desk – Clean up the clutter that has accumulated on your desktop throughout your busy week. The last thing you want to return to on a Monday morning is a pile of junk on your workspace.
  4. Clean out the Car – Whether you work out of your car or simply commute to work each day, you probably have accumulated some “stuff” in your vehicle. Stop telling yourself that you will clean it out this weekend, and do it before you leave the work week. Throw out the physical trash (while you are pumping gas is a good time to do this) and remove the other items from your car.
  5. Put Things Back Where they Belong – The single bests habit that can help keep you organized is to put things away where they belong. In addition to reducing clutter, this general cleaning choice will ensure that you will know where to find things the next time you need them.

Clean Up Before You Go

Cleaning up your work before the weekend makes for a cleaner, more organized, and more peaceful time off.

You can leave work at work and know that you wrapped things up in a tidy manner. Also, you can leave knowing that you cleaned up your areas of responsibility.

Take a few minutes to “take out the trash” before you leave this week.

Question: What do you need to clean up before you leave work for the weekend? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. I completely agree that coming back to work on Monday and finding your desk really dirty with piles of junk on it is demoralizing. My office hasn’t been very clean lately because nobody has the energy to really clean it before we all leave for the weekend. Hiring some professionals to come in and clean it for us will allow us to spend our energy elsewhere and be better employees.

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