You Have to Push Yourself to Get Ahead

Push Yourself to Get AheadAre you just going thru the motions, repeating yourself each day?

Do the same things?
Giving the minimal effort?
Settling to be average?

To rise above and succeed at your goals… you need to leave your comfort zone and push your limits.

Going Through the Motions

Most people get through life by simply going through the motions.

They repeat themselves each and every day. They do just enough to get by. To stay out of trouble.

However, average performance leads to average results.

Doing the minimum required… gets you just that… the minimum.

You may do enough to “get by,” but you won’t get more than that.

Average effort isn’t enough if you want to win, to succeed, and to advance yourself.

“Going through the motions leads to an ordinary life. To be extraordinary, you have to push your limits each and every day.”

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You have to push yourself.
You have to stretch your limits.
Every single day without exception.

That is how you advance. And that is how winning is done.

To change your results, you must change your actions. You must leave your comfort zone.

It sounds like common sense, because it is. Yet, not many people do it.

Not many people follow common sense. And they then wonder (or complain) about their results.

Push Yourself Every Day

Stop waiting for life to bring your dreams to you. It’s not going to happen.

You have to go out and get them. And yes, you’re going to have to push yourself.

Today, and every single day.

Question: In which areas of your life are you ‘just going through the motions?’ What do you need to push yourself at? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “You Have to Push Yourself to Get Ahead

  1. Great reminder. Thanks.

    I guess the question is how to do that? How to push yourself everyday? I think people need certain habits to actually push themselves everyday… this is the tough part. That’s why many settle for average and do what’s easy because that’s happening naturally.

    Anyway, I try to push myself a bit more now that I’ve read this. but how? 😉

  2. My biggest issue right now is that I’m forgetting to give my personal projects (aka future passive income) the same attention that I give my client work. I’ve always been a “bird in the hand” type of person, and since I started working from home, it’s gotten even worse.

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