5 Reasons You Aren’t Using Your Productivity Tools and Gadgets

You probably have many time management tools. Perhaps, too many.

You are always trying out the latest gadget or planner to help boost your productivity efforts.

Yet, you find that many of your tools go unused.

If they are supposed to help you get more done, why do they seem to take more time than they save?

Shiny Time Management Gadgets

Productivity apps, gadgets, and planners are intended to make you more efficient and less stressed. They are supposed to be easy to use and implement.

However, you probably have at least one recently purchased shiny gadget, that now sits in a drawer never to be used again.

If these tools are supposed to save you time, why are they so hard to use?

“If your time management tools take more effort than they save, then you won’t use them.”

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The simple truth is that if your productivity tools cause too much friction in your routine, you will stop using them.

Here are 5 Reasons You Aren’t Using Your Productivity Tools and Gadgets:

  1. They Are Too Complex – If your tools are too difficult then they are creating work instead of saving it. It shouldn’t take 37 steps to add a task to your todo list or an appointment to your calendar. Avoid tools with bloated features, they usually take more time than they save. Go with the simplest tool that gets the job done.
  2. Too Many Tools – You really only need one type of tool (for each productivity task: todos, appointments, notes, and contacts. (Read: The Power of One.) Having more than one tool brings unneeded complexity. Not only will you not know which tool to use when you record the info, you will have multiple places to look when you need to find it again.
  3. Not With You – Your time management tools need to be within reach at all times. Whether it is a smartphone or a dayplanner, you must carry your productivity tools with you. Tools that you leave at home or the office aren’t going to be effective when you are out and about.
  4. Not Proficient – That latest gadget or app is only useful if you know how to use it. You need to take the time to learn how to effectively use each tool in your time management toolkit. As well, if you are one that is constantly switching to the latest new shiny gadget, you will always find yourself at the beginning of the productivity learning curve.
  5. Not Your Style – You should always choose tools that you will use. This means picking productivity tools that are to your liking. The latest smartphone might be for one person, but if you prefer the look and feel of a paper-based solution, then by all means use a dayplanner.

Unused Productivity Tools

Your time management tools are meant to help you get work done, not create unnecessary effort.

As well, they should be there at all times to reduce stress and ease your mind.

Make sure that you use the productivity tools that you have. And if you aren’t, you need to take look at what devices would work for you.

Question: Do you have unused time management tools and gadgets? Why aren’t you using them? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Taking the time to learn the tools can be very advantageous, but often I only download apps or productivity tools after a close friend recommends them. If your time is valuable then you shouldn’t be wasting it trying to figure out how to use the beta version of some app that still has bugs and needs fixes.

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