12 Quick Productivity Pick-Me-Ups

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Ever have one of those days when you just can’t seem to get out of first gear?

Your actions seem to being going from slow to slower.

Do you need something to pick-up your productivity today?

Read on, for “12 Quick Productivity Pick-Me-Ups.”

Pick-up Your Productivity

When you can’t get going, you need a pick-me-up.

You need to jar your focus to get your energy and motivation up.

Does your day need a boost?

Here are 12 Quick Productivity Pick-Me-Ups:

  1. Caffeine – Some people can’t start their day without it. Whether it is your morning coffee or soda, caffeine can get your body moving and your mind humming.
  2. Play Your Power Song – Get yourself in motion with music. Keep your favorite music at hand to get you in the mood. Play your favorite “Power Song,” or keep a playlist that gets you “in the zone.”
  3. Write In Your Journal – Write down what you accomplished yesterday, what you plan to do today, and what you dream for tomorrow. Writing in your journal can help increase your focus and drive your mission.
  4. Workout – Physical exercise doesn’t take energy… it increases your energy. Get a workout in and boost your confidence and energy level thought-out the day.
  5. Get Up Early – To some, this may sound counterintuitive. Yet, getting up early can be just what you need to get your day started. Take advantage of a head start and you will be ahead of the pack all day long.
  6. Plan Your Day – When you know what you need to do, it brings confidence and clarity to your actions. Plan and prepare for your day before you head out the door in the morning.
  7. Read a Motivational Article – Do you have a favorite motivational quote or poem, or a story that drives your dream? Keep a list of your favorite motivational articles handy. Read one each day to fuel your own motivation. (I keep a list of my favorites in Evernote.)
  8. Play a Game – This is not referring to Angry Birds, but rather about making a game of your work. How many emails can you process in the next 20 minutes? How many tasks or follow-ups can you complete today? Before you know it, you’ll be “whistling while you work.”
  9. Talk to a Positive Person – When you are in the doldrums, reach out to a positive colleague to pick-up your mood. Even a quick friendly conversation can lift your mood and spirit. When you are in a good mood, make sure you return the favor for others.
  10. Do a Tough Task and Do It Early – Get one of your toughest tasks done, and get it done first thing in your day. Checking it off your list feels great, and the rest of the day will be downhill from there.
  11. Change Your Routine – Your routine can make it easy to get through your day, but it can also make it boring and repetitive. Instead of going through the motions, change things up! Even a simply change in the order of your day can be enough to get your mind re-focused.
  12. Dream, Then Do – BIG goals and what we want to accomplish, motivates each of us. Can’t get yourself to the gym? Think of how you will feel once you are in shape. Can’t get that book written? Think about the satisfaction that will come with its publishing. Dream about where you are going, then put yourself in motion to do what is needed to move forward.

Get Your Day Going

When you can’t get your day going, you need something to re-energize and motivate you.

Try one or more of these 12 productivity pick-me-ups and get yourself back in the game!

I’d love to hear your best productivity pick-me-ups. Share in the comments below.

Question: How do you pick-up your productivity when things are slow? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. I read a random article from a blog you might have heard of. It’s called Time Management Ninja. 😉 Also, having a pomodoro timer installed at the corner of my screen can be very helpful for the strict 25 min workflow focus. All I need to do is click on it and I begin the race against the timer.

  2. I found a solution for the coffee issue: decaffeinated coffee. The same taste but no negative affect

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