How More of the “Same” Can Make You More Productive

Routine Same

In your search for productivity, are you constantly changing up your game?

Always trying new techniques, tools, and the latest gadgets?

This constant state of flux can actually make you less productive.

Perhaps, you need more of the “same” to get things done today.

Too Much Change

We like to talk about change.

However, change for change sake is not necessarily progress.

If you are constantly changing your time management tools, routines, and habits, you can prevent yourself from ever reaching a steady efficient state.

This concept not only applies to individuals, but also to businesses. They mistake change for improvement, and that is not always the case.

“Change for change sake does not always result in progress.”

And while I am a big advocate of leaving your comfort zone, too much change can result in confusion, disorganization, and lack of competence.

It is regular proven actions and known tools that help you get things done efficiently and effortlessly.

Stay Productive with the “Same” Routines

The word insanity is often explained as, “Doing the same things, and expecting different results.”

Yet, on the other side, if you know what is working… maybe you need to do more of the same.

“When you have something that works, sometimes you need more of the same.”

Do you have a daily routine that gets you going? Or habits that guide your day?

If you know what gets you “in the zone,” then do more of that.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Be More Productive with More of the “Same:”

  • Same Time – You body has an internal clock that always knows what time it is. Doing activities at the same time can train your body to be ready to write, workout, or whatever you need to accomplish. Your body can learn when it is time to be “in the zone.”
  • Same PlaceWhere you are productive is just as important as when. If you have a location that works for you, make sure you go there. It could be your private office, a coffee shop, or even just a meeting space that gets you working.
  • Same Music – In a recent interview, I admitted something that I don’t think I have previously said publicly. One of my closely held productivity secrets is that I have one music mix that I do all of my creative writing to. It is the same playlist that I have used for almost 5 years. When I have trouble getting started, this music always gets my mind and actions on track. (No… you can’t have my playlist. :P)
  • Same Tools – Tried and true tools are best. Ones that you are familiar with and skilled at utilizing. Constantly switching to new tools, apps, or software can bring inefficiency and lack of skill in using them.
  • Same Rituals – If you have personal rituals that motivate you, keep them going. Build a streak of the actions and behaviors that drive you.

Stick to Your “Same” Productive Habits

If you have a routine that works in keeping you productive, then stick with it.

As well, don’t change to the latest gadgets just to have the latest shiny toy.  You will find yourself in a constant state of flux, never reaching your true maximum efficiency.

Sometimes, more of the same is exactly what you need to be more productive.

Question: What are some of your “same” routines that keep you productive? Please share in the comments. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

11 thoughts on “How More of the “Same” Can Make You More Productive

  1. Brilliant!

    I’m one of those people that tends to always be looking out for the next and more effective tool on the market. I’ve learned to slow down and enioy the routine and tools that are working for me now because you can spend HOURS researching different options.

    I’ve always been more functional with a repeatable scehdule to adhere to. I remember that that was my favorite part of summer camp — the structure of knowing what was coming next.

    “However, change for change sake is not necessarily progress.”

    True. People will often change too often because they haven’t changed things in awhile. I’m guilty of this more often than I’m willing to admit when it comes to the arrangement of furniture. I’ve been known to shift entire rooms every 3-4 months because I’ve gotten bored of the same old.

  2. Great post! I think the constant quest for the “next great thing” often causes people to spend more time learning systems, approaches, and software when some tried and true methods really work. For time management, I still record almost all my meeting notes in a good old paper binder (I use the Levenger “Circa” notebooks because of the ease of inserting and removing pages) and track my key tasks in the “tasks” feature in outlook, which is where my Email and Calendar also live. This has served me well for probably 10 years, and despite all the new automated systems/tools out there, this is simple, efficient, and (most importantly) works well for me. For project management, I can manage about 90% of them with an Excel spreadsheet, and only for really big/complex projects do I move up to MS Project (both Microsoft tools I have been using comfortably for over a decade or two). I see some people with their action items spread over so many different tools and systems, or they try to “overautomate”, and all they do is end-up losing track of things. The old “KISS” principle is still very true today. Regards,
    Dr. Michael Einstein

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