When It Comes to Your Goals, Late is Always Better Than Never

Late Is Better Than Never

What big goal have you always wanted to pursue?

You have been meaning to do it forever.

You tell yourself that you will do it next year… or when things settle down… or when you have more time.

Yet, none of that ever happens. And that goal or dream that you have always told yourself you would accomplish has been sitting on the shelf for ages.

What goal are you “late” in doing? Will you ever get to it?

Better Late Than Never… It’s True

If you are like most, you spend your days getting the little things done.

After all, putting off the small things can get you in trouble.

  • Being late to work
  • Not paying bills on time
  • Not getting your work done
  • Missing  appointments

But, too often you probably let the little things displace the big ones. So, it ends up being your big goals that get put off.

This happens for extended periods of time, sometimes a lifetime. Then, at some point, you tell yourself that “it’s too late for that.”

“When it comes to your dreams, late is always better than never.” (Tweet Quote)

Today, I am calling your excuse.

Your procrastination is no longer valid.

And it is never too late.

Start Your “Late” Goal

What is your dream that you have never pursued?

You keep telling yourself that you will do it eventually. Or perhaps, you have written if off as “too late.”

What is the big goal that you have put off forever?

  • Starting the business that you have always wanted
  • Getting that degree to advance your career
  • Asking for that long overdue raise
  • Doing that Someday task
  • Getting in shape and running a half-marathon
  • Writing that book that has been inside of you for years

Each of these are examples of big goals that never get started.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Start Your “Late” Goal:

  • Take 1 Step today – If your goal seems too big to approach, break it down into the smallest tasks possible. Then, take one step forward. It can be the smallest of steps, as long as you do it today.
  • Set Short Term Goals  – One the main reasons people don’t reach their goals is that they think too long-term. A year (or more) timeline is too long to be realistic. Goals are accomplished in the “now.” Set short-term goals for this week or this month. These are manageable timeframes that you can impact. As you complete short-term progress, you can continue building to the future.
  • Goals Are a Team Effort – Too many people try to go the loner route when it comes to their goals. They think they can accomplish their goals in solitude and on their own. Or they’re afraid to share their goals because they may fail, or be held accountable. Yet, goals are much easier when you have support and advice from others.
  • Repeat and Again – Goals are never accomplished in one setting. They are done bit-by-bit and day-by-day. To reach your goals you have to pursue them each and every day, and then again tomorrow.

Late Always Beats Never

You may be late in pursuing your goals and dreams.

Perhaps, you haven’t even started. Maybe you didn’t get there yet, or your goals are still just dreams in your head.

It the end, it doesn’t matter if you reach your goals when you originally thought you would. What matters is that you attempt them while you still have time.

When it comes to your goals, late always beats never.

Question: What are you late in doing? What step forward can you take today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “When It Comes to Your Goals, Late is Always Better Than Never

  1. Always the small steps that get us there. Often, once we just start walking, after a while we realize that we have arrived, and it wasn’t so difficult after all!

  2. Step 1 is almost always the key. – For me, I have been putting off really pursuing the work I want to do – However I have been taking those first few steps. Progress feels good.

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