6 Ways to Empty Your Head And Get to Bed

Empty Your Head

You can’t sleep because your mind is racing.

All of the things you didn’t do today.

All of the things you need to do tomorrow.

How do you clear your mind, so that you can get to bed?

Losing Sleep

You try to go to bed, but your day keeps coming back.

Your mind won’t stop.

Stop thinking about all of the things you didn’t do.

Stop thinking about all of the things you need to do.

It seems like all you do at night is think about the things you didn’t do that day.

Sound familiar?

“To sleep better, you need to empty your head of all your tasks, thoughts and stresses.” (Tweet this Quote)

How do you clear your head and get to bed?

Clear Your Mind

You need to stop your mind from racing from topic to topic. The best way to accomplish this is to empty you head.

This means getting those stressors out of your mind.

Address them. Do them. Write them down.

A clear head leads to better sleep.

Here are 6 Tips to Help You Empty Your Head and Get to Bed:

  1. Don’t Check Email Before Bed – Checking email before going to bed only leads to stress and unfinished business. Most likely you won’t be able to take action until the next morning anyway. Besides, do you really need to sleep with your smartphone?
  2. Have a Chat With Your Significant Other – A great way to clear your head is to get all those feelings, thoughts, and discussions out. Express yourself. Tell your partner all about your day. Then, you will be able to concentrate on your night.
  3. Write That Task Down – Worrying about tasks you need to do? Get those tasks out of your head and onto your todo list. Let your list remember, so that you can sleep.
  4. Write in Your Journal – Writing in your journal is a great way to clear your mind. The end of the day is a great time to review your daily accomplishments. Write a quick journal entry, whether in your Moleskine notebook or in your journal app.
  5. Do It Now – If you won’t be able to sleep until it’s done, then do it now. Doing the work the night before, leads to better sleep and a better start to tomorrow.
  6. Assign Tasks for Tomorrow – If it can’t be done today. Then schedule it for tomorrow. You should have already written it on your list (see #2). If it is something that you need to do first thing in the morning, then leave yourself a note where you can’t miss it in the AM. Knowing that it is assigned will let you rest peacefully.

Empty Your Head Before Bed

Your busy life will fill your head with endless thoughts.

The way to better sleep is to get those ideas out of your head.

Get those tasks done. Or write them down, so you don’t have to think about them.

When your head is empty, you will be able to sleep in peace.

Question: How do you get those thoughts out of your head so that you can sleep? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “6 Ways to Empty Your Head And Get to Bed

  1. I especially like 3 & 6. The anxiety over things that need to be done can cause you to loose sleep. I like your suggestion to have a plan to get it done the next day so that you can sleep in peace. Thanks

  2. My problem is just general thoughts. Like a daily conservation keeps repeating in my head for no reason. A commercial on TV or is tomorrow the day the yard service comes. Where do I want to have lunch. Second guessing the weather for tomorrow. Just jumping from unrelated thoughts to another as fast as my mind thinks. I can be tired and sleepy and dosing sitting in a chair. But as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m wide awake and thoughts racing. Awake for 2-4 hours. Sometimes all night. Not stressed or work related. I’m newly retired and live quite comfortably. I have been precribed sleeping aids but, I feel lousy and sluggish the next day. My other half is asleep within 60 seconds of hitting the pillow. My professional career was medical, radiology. Working 80 hours per week for 25 years. I’m sure hasn’t helped. Sleepless in Port Saint Lucie, FL. lol

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