You Don’t Get More Time Later

More Time aheadWhat are you putting off?

I am not referring to today, but rather the bigger picture.

The big things that you are not getting to.

You say you will do them someday, but someday never seems to come.

You Don’t Get More Time Later

We have all used these excuses at some point:

  • I’ll do it later.
  • When I have more time…
  • When things settle down…
  • It isn’t a good time.
  • When I get around to it…

None of these hold water.

The truth is that you have the same amount of time in your day as everyone else.

And don’t say that you’re going to do it someday.

“Someday is the day after never.” (Tweet this Quote)

When was the last time you saw someday on your calendar?

You’re not going to have more time later.

The truth is:

Don’t Wait for Someday

What are you waiting for?

To chase your dreams? To tell someone how you feel? To do what you have always wanted to do?

Get out there and do it today.

Because “someday” is too long to wait… and you don’t get more time later.

Question: What are you waiting for more time to do? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

13 thoughts on “You Don’t Get More Time Later

  1. I don’t routinely tell myself “later” or “someday” about anything, but I definitely procrastinate on taking more initiative on certain things, especially around my blog. I think my problem is lack on solid plans on HOW I am going to execute that which I want to achieve. So I put it off a little, not sure how I am moving forward. But generally, everything I am passionate about I am actively working in some way or another.

    Get Your Life Straight

  2. This hits home. My mom died at the end of June unexpectedly, and the shock snapped everything into focus: my priorities, my work-life alignment, EVERYTHING. I found it easier than ever to cut waste out of my life, whether that was work-related or personal.

    If it matters, I’m doing it right now. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. Time is limitied. Mr Code in his book for motorcyclists used an amazing analogy: a 10-dollar-bill. The more time you spend or attention you pay to one thing or person, the less you have for the rest. There is no way we can change it, we just have to wisely deal with it…

  4. Procrastination does play a major part in perfect time management and its the first enemy for people who try to manage their time.

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