My Secret Weapon Against Email: SaneBox

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Are you constantly fighting your email inbox?

Trying to keep your head above the email flood waters?

Today, I want to share one of the top tools that I use to manage my inbox.

It can help you gain some sanity with your inbox.

Bring Some Sanity to Your Inbox

Email. We all get too much of it.

As much as we try to minimize the amount of email flooding our inbox, there always seems to be more. To get to the bottom, you need to cut through the clutter of non-important emails.

That’s where one of my favorite time-saving tools comes in: Sanebox.

SaneBox is an auto-filtering tool for your email. It sorts, files, and manages your inbox for you. It keeps the important emails in your inbox and moves the lower priority ones to reading folders.

I have used SaneBox for over a year. It keeps my inbox under control.

“SaneBox handles my email so well… it scares me sometimes. Only my most important emails reach my inbox, while all others are filed for later.”

There is a slight learning curve. You have to let SaneBox sort your email. It does this into priority folders.

The default ones are: Your Inbox, a Later Folder, and a News Folder. (If you want to go all out you can define up to 5 levels of sorting.) However, I prefer to keep it simple and use the defaults.

Want to teach Sanebox to sort an email differently? You don’t have to waste time creating a complex “email rule.” Rather, you simply drag an email from one folder to the another. Is that newsletter low priority? Just drag it to the News folder. Done. SaneBox learns where to put your email.

Here are some of the top reasons that I use SaneBox:

  • Smart Filtering – SaneBox auto filters emails based on their content. And as described above, you can instantly train SaneBox to put your email exactly where you want it.
  • Sane Black Hole – Ever need to block an emailer? Or unsubscribe from an unscrupulous email list that just keeps emailing you? Don’t waste time, simply drag the email to the SaneBoxBlackHole folder and you won’t hear from that email again. One of my favorite features.
  • Attachments in the Cloud – SaneBox can automatically put email attachments in your Dropbox. This gives you an easy way to store them, keeps them out of your inbox, and you can forward email links to those files.
  • Email Summary – You may be worried about missing emails that SaneBox auto-filters. (That is natural when you start using the service.) No problem, SaneBox will send you a summary email once a day that tells you what messages it moved to the Later and News folders. With one quick glance you can have peace-of-mind that you didn’t miss a thing.
  • Spam Monitoring – Ever have something important end up in your Spam folder? SaneBox also monitors your spam folder and will notify you of anything it suspects is not spam.
  • Defer Emails – Need an email to “come back” in the future? You can defer emails to tomorrow, next week, or any date you want. When the time comes, SaneBox will bring that email right back to your inbox. Great for those reference emails that you need at a certain date in the future.

Stop the Email Insanity

I recommend SaneBox because it is a tool that I use every day.

I spend less time dealing with my inbox and incoming email. SaneBox is my silent email partner that saves me time by doing all the work in the background.

Check out SaneBox and bring a little sanity to your email inbox.

Question: How do you keep you incoming email under control? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
Full disclosure: SaneBox is a recent ad sponsor of TMN. However, these opinions are my own, and I have used their paid service since April 2012.

2 thoughts on “My Secret Weapon Against Email: SaneBox

  1. I agree with you on Sanebox – it is far better than I thought it would be, and takes a lot of the stress out of email management. A couple of months ago, I started the trial for Sanebox. After about a day, I subscribed – the value was apparent very quickly.

    By the way – I created my own box called @Sanereceipts that has been killer when it comes to auto-filing Amazon receipts, travel itineraries, etc. so I can quickly find them when I need to.

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