9 More Apps to Make Your Mac More Productive

8 More Mac Apps
Not long ago, I had to replace my iMac. (See here…)

At the time, I wrote about the apps that I installed on my new Mac to get it up and running. 19 of them to be specific.

Today, I want to share 9 more apps to make your Mac more productive.

9 More Apps for Your Mac

Since my original setup, I have added a few more apps that didn’t make the first list.

Overall, I was very happy with my software, but I found a few more needs that required solutions.

Here are 9 More Apps to Make Your Mac More Productive:

  1. KindleAll of my books are eBooks. And I like reading across all of my platforms (iPhone, iPad, and Mac.) The Kindle desktop app allows me to read a few pages on my desktop as a break from my work, and then resume reading on my iPad while on the go.
  2. Clarify – Clarify is a great app for quickly making instruction documents. It takes screen-grabs, annotates, and exports. I use Clarify whenever I need to document the steps of a task for someone else. Get Clarify via the Mac App Store.
  3. Crashplan – Crashplan is my cloud backup solution of choice. I have their software installed to not only back up to the cloud, but also to a local storage solution.
  4. Screenflow – Screenflow is for recording your screen to make demos, webinars, or any other type of screen video. Get Screenflow from the Mac App Store.
  5. Call Recorder – Call Recorder by Ecamm is a great little plug-in for Skype. It allows you to record regular and video calls. I use it for recording Skype interviews. Get Call Recorder for Skype from Ecamm.
  6. Found – Found is a great little file finding utility for Mac. It finds your files quickly across many locations including Dropbox. Get Found from the App Store.
  7. Byword – As I mentioned recently, Byword has returned as my minimalist writing app of choice. It is a bare bones text writing app. I use it for most of my writing (which I do in Markdown) and then export. This blog post was written in Byword and then transferred to WordPress. Get Byword for Mac or Byword for iOS.
  8. Ulysses III – Ulysses III is another writing app. I am currently trying to use it instead of Scrivener for writing my next book. This app is not for everyone, but if you like cloud-syncing text-based writing apps this may be your cup-of-tea. Get Ulysses 3 from the App store.
  9. YNAB – I am a recent convert to You Need a Budget! (aka YNAB). I have been wanting to get away from Quicken for years. YNAB is impressive. It syncs via the cloud across all my devices and has a wonderful iOS app for capturing expenses on the go. I will warn you, it has an initial steep learning curve, but if you really want to track your personal expenses, YNAB is the way to go.

Fewer Apps, More Productivity

When I started this post, I thought I would have many more apps to share. However, I shared 19 in the previous post. (And I don’t like to have too many unneeded apps hanging around… I tend to delete those.)

As well, I have discovered that I install fewer apps because more and more are cloud-based. Hootsuite, Mindmeister, and Asana come to mind. (Hmmm… that sounds like a Part III post…)

I am sure there are a few Mac apps on your list that are not featured here.

What additional Mac apps would you recommend?

11 thoughts on “9 More Apps to Make Your Mac More Productive

      1. What’re your thoughts on the fact that they don’t encrypt your data when you opt to sync via dropbox?

  1. I’ve been a super enthusiast of Quicken, Quickbooks and other programs until the beginning of the year, when I made a commitment to really start paying attention to where my money goes (Thanks Uncle Dave!)… So – what I’ve found out? When I do it the old way, paper and pencil, I have complete control over it. I transfer everything to a google doc to have it with me everywhere and I’m on top of those numbers every day! My personal thing here… I have also started to use CASH for almost everything. I had forgotten how the “real” money looks like. Really! It is amazing how when I go out to pay for things now – everything is different. I feel different. It’s not plastic, it is green stuff leaving me and my wallet… Weird…

  2. Clarify sounds very useful, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet! I also like the idea of the call recorder. Thanks for a great list with helpful tips!

    1. I use Clarify about 1-2x/week to document processes for sharing w/ my group. I’ve built up a huge library of PDFs that my team now use. It’s fast, friction-free and surprisingly easy to use.

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  5. hi! Good app for a todo list is Wunderlist 🙂 it has Android, MAc, Ios and Web Version. very easy to use.

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