How to Use Your iPad to Manage Your PDF Documents

We use our iPads for more and more uses these days.

In fact, my iPad has almost replaced my laptop.

While I do not use my iPad for document creation, it is a very powerful tool for document review and reading.

Today, I want to show you a great app that makes it easy to manage, review, and even markup PDFs on your iPad.

How to Manage PDFs on Your iPad

Previously, I showed you how to capture documents by using your iPad as a document scanner.

One of the best benefits of using your iPad to manage documents is that you can take them with you. You can carry a whole library of docs with no added weight to your load.

Today, I want to tell you about managing PDF documents on your device with a great app called PDF Expert.

It is like having an entire PDF library at your fingertips including the ability to review, mark-up, and store your PDFs.

Here are the various document tasks that I use PDF Expert on my iPad for:

  • Reading – I carry dozens, if not hundreds, of PDF documents on my iPad for reading. It allows me to catch up on work (or leisure) no matter where I am.
  • Storing – The iPad does not have a direct file system. PDF Expert is my library for storing PDFs. It provides an easy folder system for filing my PDFs.
  • Accessing – The iPad serves as my window to my cloud documents. I can instantly retrieve a document from the cloud via my 4G connection.
  • Reviewing – While I don’t do much “typing” on my iPad, it shines when it comes to document review. I can quickly read and markup a PDF with annotations and edits.
  • Signing – I use my iPad for signing PDF documents. Instead dealing with the complication of printing, signing, re-scanning, I simply sign my documents digitally on my iPad. Today actually, I am using it to sign a bunch of financial documents. 🙂

PDF Expert by Readdle

My iPad PDF app of choice is PDF Expert by Readdle.

(They also make Scanner Pro which I use for all my iPad scanning needs.)

Here are the features that make PDF Expert a must have iPad app:

  • Mark-up/Review – Need to review a PDF? Mark it up using PDF Expert’s tool set. From highlighting to graphics to a PDF pen, you can annotate your PDFs in any manner you desire. (See the 2nd screenshot above.)
  • Fill-out Forms – You can fill out PDF forms right on your iPad. I recently had to fill out an insurance form and did it on my iPad with PDF Expert.
  • Signature – Need to sign PDF docs? No problem. PDF Expert lets you do this with ease. Its signature feature makes it a snap to enter your signature, and it will also let you store it for repeated entries.
  • Access to Your Cloud LibraryDropbox is my main choice for cloud storage. And PDF Expert does a great job keeping my files at my fingertips and synced. However, it also supports a myriad of other cloud options. (see screenshot above.)

Bring Your iPad, Leave Your Paper Documents

So, bring your iPad and leave the loose papers behind.

You can have access to your entire document library and the cloud.

With your iPad, you can capture docs to PDF, as well as review, edit, and sign them.

I highly recommend you try PDF Expert today. (In the App Store)

Question: Do you use your iPad to store and review documents? What are your best uses?

Special Announcement: Readdle is celebrating their 5th birthday! They are having a special sale on their apps today and tomorrow only! From Aug 1-2, you can purchase Readdle’s apps up to 70% their normal price.
So, go get PDF Expert today!

9 thoughts on “How to Use Your iPad to Manage Your PDF Documents

  1. I’ve used iBooks to manage my PDFs, but have been looking for something that allows annotation and all-round better PDF support. Thanks for the post, I’ve now bought a copy.

    1. I used iBooks to manage my PDF library for a while. It does let you set up separate areas for different document collections.
      However, I too switched to PDF Expert so I could mark up and sign docs.

  2. Craig, I will have to try out PDF expert. I’ve used iAnnotate but have found it slightly disappointing. Readdle always produces great apps for iOS. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey, been reading your blog a while now but this is something I deal with fairly often so it got me commenting I guess. I’m a newbie, but I have to ask, why not just the free Adobe Reader app? It sounds like they do the same thing.

    1. The Adobe Reader app can do some basic markup and such. It is a good starter app.

      How this app can do much more… especially like the cloud library access as I use DropBox for almost all my cloud document access.

  4. I am using files-finder edition to manage pdf files. It works as file manager, document viewer and it support several files extensions.

  5. I enjoy articles that fill in your knowledge gaps.
    This one is of that kind. Moreover, I like how the
    writer organized his ideas as well as the visual component.

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