7 Ways to Save Time Writing Your Blog Posts

Today’s topic is for bloggers.

Specifically, how to save time writing your blog posts.

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Time To Write?

I have been blogging for several years and one of the top questions I get asked is:

When you do find time to write?

Finding time to write can be difficult.

You have to invest the time. And writing ideas don’t always come when you want them to.

When you are first starting out, it will probably take you a long time to write one post.

On the other hand, when you get into the groove you may be able to do much more. (Recently, at John Saddington’s Blogapalooza, I wrote 7 full-length posts in an hour. It can be done.)

Today, I want to share seven tips to help you save time writing for your blog.

7 Ways to Save Time Writing Your Blog Posts

It used to take me several hours to construct just one blog post.

Along my blogging learning curve, I have learned many lessons and techniques for blogging efficiency.

Here are some of my favorite ways to save time writing for your blog…

7 Ways to Save Time Writing Your Blog Posts:

  1. Practice “Free Writing” – Free writing is a powerful writing technique. Basically, you just let the ideas flow. You write (or type) whatever comes to your mind… and don’t stop. Don’t pause for editing. Don’t correct typos. Just go. You will be surprised what ideas will come. And how fast you get them down.
  2. Use a Template – Utilize templates for your blog posts. I have a few that I maintain. Each contains structure, formatting, and setup for a different type of blog post. I probably save 15-20 minutes of editing/formatting work by using a template. There are several WordPress plug-ins that will let you create your own post templates.
  3. Capture Ideas Everywhere – You never know when and where a blog post idea will hit you. Be ready and have a system to capture your post ideas no matter where you are. I wrote one of my most recent successful posts on my iPhone while I was waiting in line. (And if you need help coming up with post topics, make sure you check out Chris Brogan’s offer below…)
  4. Publish Not Perfection – I have seen bloggers edit their posts for hours. Don’t let this be you. There is a balance between perfection and publishing. And you have to be able to let go and hit “publish.” Set a time limit if you must… that you will press “publish” by a specific time.
  5. Stop Short – Blog posts are not meant to be books. Keep them short. And readable. Readers want to be able to read a quick article without committing hours of their day. If you find your post is going on-an-on, it probably should be broken into multiple posts. Also, some of the best posts are open-ended. Don’t write the solution to world peace, leave it open so your readers can contribute in the comments.
  6. Have a Post Type List – Your blog should be about a specific topic or niche. Keep a list of the post types (reviews, lists, etc.) that you write about. You can save time writing future posts by consulting your list.
  7. Search Your Archives – One of the best ways to save time writing for your blog is to look at what you have already written. If you need a new topic for an idea, simply look back in your archives and put a new spin on an old topic. For example, I have written about “email productivity” many times on my site. You can write about the same topic again.

Blogging Productivity

Like everything in life, the only way to get better at blogging is to do it. And then do it some more.

The more you do, the better and more efficient you will get.

I remember the days of working for hours coming up with a single post topic and writing it.

Hopefully, today’s tips can speed up your process.

Question: How do you save time writing your blog?

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14 thoughts on “7 Ways to Save Time Writing Your Blog Posts

  1. I definitely agree with the keep it short tip Craig. I tend to like writing a lot, and sometimes these epic posts are amazing for building interest, buzz and traffic. But on the whole I admire Seth Godin who seems to write so little but pack so much punch and for those of us who are short on time, short but powerful blog posts will be more likely to be consumed than long ones.

  2. One of my challenges is that I can’t let blogging cut time out from my fiction writing. I was part of an online class for blogging, and every writer jumped on and started blogging 3X a week. About 4 months later, I started seeing messages from all those writers saying they were cutting back on the blogging because they needed to get back to writing. That being said, these are some additional things I’m doing:

    1. Write the posts in advance. If you wait until the last minute to get one up, it’s going to take time from something (this is what got the writers into trouble). I do mine on Saturday, when I generally don’t write. Timed posts are a great thing!

    2. Keep an editorial calendar. There’s nothing better than coming to write posts and finding subjects already available. But to do an editorial calendar, you need a platform. The first time I tried one, I didn’t have a platform — it was apparent trying to do the calendar that I was running out of subjects!

    3. Use macros. I have macros set up to find and replace unnecessary words (i.e., only, very, that) with a highlighted version. Then I speed through and check each one, and I’m done with editing.

  3. Great post! My little tip is to always have a notepad (or my iPhone) handy to capture ideas “in the wild.” I come up with most of my blog topics when I’m away from my laptop screen.

    1. I’m with you, Rosemary. I keep some 3 x 5 index cards (held together with a binder clip) with me at all times. You just never know when an inspiring thought might cross your mind!

  4. I love free writing, and I’ve recently become a huge fan of Write or Die. I can get a ton of my thoughts out in quick time if I just make myself write. This is the best way I’ve found to do it and stay on task until I have a post to work with.

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