7 Ways to Prevent Computer Problems From Impacting Your Work

Computers, smartphones, and other tech gadgets are supposed to aid our productivity.

However, sometimes they seem to get in the way or cause more issues than they solve.

Is your technology helping or hurting your work?

Technology Helper or Hindrance

I was recently in a hurry departing my house and I hit “Print” to get a hard copy of a simple 4-line email.

Instead of delivering my document, my printer decided to go into a 15 minute “calibration cycle.”

Needless to say, I was none too happy as I waited for my printout.

However, as I thought about it a little more, I realized that I had been frustrated with this printer for some time.

This technology issue had been causing me problems for some time…

Yet, I had continued to deal with the hindrance it placed on my work.

The last battle I got into with it, was when it wouldn’t print a black and white document because it was out of magenta ink.

If this issue was negatively impacting my productivity, why hadn’t I don’t something earlier to fix it?

Don’t Let Your Computer Impact Your Productivity

When your computer or other technology is keeping you from getting your work done, it’s time to take action.

Computers are there to aid our productivity, not impede it.

You can probably name a few computer related issues that are affecting your work on a daily basis.

Are you taking action to fix these things or are you “dealing with them?”

Here are 7 Ways to Help Prevent Computer Issues from Impacting Your Work:

  1. Get Training – Perhaps, your computer-related issue is due to a lack of knowledge. I was working with an individual recently whose work was being impacted by his lack of computer skills. In fact, his career was being limited because he had to pass all computer-related tasks off to his co-workers. By getting some basic computer training he was able to get more work done and increase his value to his company.
  2. Fix Issues Before They Become a Problem – Big problems usually start small. That warning message your laptop keeps giving you? (And you keep canceling…) Address it before a catastrophic loss. Don’t wait until you lose all your files before contacting IT.
  3. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute – Waiting until the last-minute is always a recipe for disaster. Doubly so when technology is involved. Want to know when the printer isn’t going to work? Try 10 minutes before the important client meeting and you are trying to print handouts.
  4. Replace Broken or Worn Down Equipment – “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken” is a good slogan. However, when it comes to computers you run the risk losing data or worse if you want until it’s broken. Replace older computer equipment before it fails. Make appropriate upgrades to keep things running smoothly.
  5. Back It Up – What happens when you do have a computer failure? You have your important data backed up, right? A good backup plan can make all the difference when you end up with a serious computer failure.
  6. Seek an Expert – Sometimes you need an expert. A computer issue that takes you hours to fix, might take an expert only minutes. Keep your productivity on track by getting help from the appropriate expertise.
  7. Get Rid of Poorly Designed Tech – Don’t put up with technology items that hinder more than they help.  Get rid of these. They are time wasters. Return them or if it is too late, admit that you made a bad buy and seek a better solution.

Address Your Computer Issues

Don’t let your technology impede your progress.

Take action today to address any computer issues that are negatively affecting your work.

Do so, before you have to push the “Aaarghh!!!” button like I did.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have  printer to take care of…

Question: What computer problems are stopping you from getting your work done?

6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Prevent Computer Problems From Impacting Your Work

  1. You know, I have a love/hate relationship with printers. You’re absolutely right when you say not to wait until the last minute to print something. I don’t know how many times my printer has failed me when I’m in a hurry.
    I have a Brother printer with the individual ink cartridges and it wouldn’t let me print black if any of the colored cartridges were out (my old HP let me print with just black). However, I learned a way around that recently. Perhaps it would work for your printer, too. When you’re getting ready to print, choose gray scale and plain paper. It worked! I was thrilled.
    #5 Back it Up. That’s also good if your computer gets stolen. Our house was broken into three years ago and they took my laptop. There was a bunch of stuff on there I really needed! Now I have off-site back-up so if that happens again, I can at least retrieve my files.

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