6 Reasons the iPad Is My Top Productivity Gadget

I previously wrote about the best productivity uses for the new iPad.

Now, after several months of use, I wanted to post an update.

Simply put, the iPad has become my go-to productivity gadget.

My Top Productivity Gadget

My iPhone is always with me and provides me with access no matter where I am.

However, I have found my iPad travelling more and more with me.

It provides a larger canvas and capability than the iPhone, for when I need a little more space and app power.

The new iPad has had a tremendous impact on my productivity.

It has changed where, when, and even how I get my work done.

The iPad presents a user experience that is unrivaled. (Hence, the current lack of any tablet rivals…)

Additionally, the apps on the iPad provides new ways to get work done and be productive.

Here are 6 Reasons That the iPad Has Become my Top Productivity Gadget:

  1. Portability – The iPad is so light that I can take it almost anywhere. It is always in my bag. Versus a laptop, it isn’t even a competition. In fact, I have stopped carrying my laptop during the day. It is particularly useful in waiting situations like the doctor’s office, before meetings, etc.
  2. Connectivity – I am surprised that the new iPad’s 4G LTE connection hasn’t gotten more attention. To say that it “screams” is an understatement. It is faster than many landline connections. And the WiFi hotspot that Verizon offers makes it the best hotspot on the market. (As of this post, AT&T still hasn’t “enabled” this feature. On Verizon, it is no additional charge.)
  3. Email – The iPad is great at many tasks, but it particularly shines for email. There is something magical about “touching your email.” I find that I process email much faster on my iPad than on a traditional computer. Some may worry about the on-screen keyboard, but it works great for short messages. (And emails should be short...)
  4. Battery – The battery on the new iPad is nothing short of amazing. The battery lasts all day. Not morning til afternoon, but all day long. Even with the 4G service, it gets well over a day’s usage on a single charge. I sometimes go 2-3 days without plugging in. And even more interesting, the hotspot feature (see #2) works for about 20 hours of usage. Compare that to the 2-3 hours that many portable hotspots get.
  5. Shareability – When working with others, it is easy to share information with the iPad. It presents a more personal experience when you can look at something together on the iPad, or simply hand the device to them. The iPad seems to encourage conversation and engagement.
  6. Apps – As the ad slogan goes, “There’s an app for that.” And that’s because… there is. The iPad’s app store has definitely caught up to the device. There are iPad specific apps for almost topic or task you can dream up. And that’s why it is so powerful… it can be a music machine one minute, and remote access point for your cloud-based files the next.

Getting Things Done With My iPad

The iPad has replaced a slew of my gadgets.

It is my productivity jetpack and I carry it almost everywhere.

If you have been holding out, I highly encourage you to try one out.

Question: What productivity tasks do you use your iPad for?

11 thoughts on “6 Reasons the iPad Is My Top Productivity Gadget

  1. Thank you for breaking it down this way. I am hardly ever without my iPad. I use it for these items and I also love it for note taking at a convention, at a client meeting and for initial drafts of blogs. I like what you said about touching your email. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes I do take care of it better on the iPad. If I didn’t need the virtual PC on my Mac for working in my client’s systems, I wouldn’t take my laptop anywhere.

    1. Pat, good stuff. What do you use for your notetaking?

      I agree with your laptop statement… I hardly ever carry my laptop around during the day. 🙂

  2. Just got my iPad, and I’ve found it to be invaluable for email, blogging, social media and more. Thankful to have it!

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