6 New Productivity Features Coming in iOS 6

It’s no secret that I am a big iPhone fan.

I use my iPhone for almost all my mobile personal and business needs. As well, my iPad travels with me quite a bit.

This past week, Apple announced the new update for both devices: iOS 6.

After watching Apple’s announcement keynote from last week, I compiled a list of the top productivity enhancements coming in the iOS 6 release.

6 New Productivity Features in iOS 6

I am always looking for new ways to save time with my iPhone.

Interestingly, many of the new features in iOS 6 are directly related to productivity. (Or maybe that’s just the way I look at it…)

After reviewing the upcoming features, I wanted to point out few that I am excited about.

Here are the 6 Top Productivity Features I am looking forward to from iOS 6:

  1. New Call Answer Features – In iOS 6, you have new options when receiving a call. How often are you busy with something, and quickly try to type a text message to the caller? You can now do this right from the call screen with predefined messages. You can also have your iPhone remind your to call the person back in specific time or when you leave what you are doing. Finally, a small detail that didn’t get a lot of attention, you can now unify your phone number with your iMessage ID. This will make it even easier to respond to text messages and FaceTime calls on your iPad. 
  2. Do Not Disturb – As simple as this feature is, this may be my favorite new feature in iOS 6. Do Not Disturb lets you manage interruptions, alerts, and calls on your phone. No more getting woken up in the middle of the night by that rogue alert (Thanks, Delta!) or random phone call. You can set the quiet window times. As well, you can determine who has your permission to ring through. I think I will be using this feature often.
  3. Maps & Directions – Apple has created their own maps app for iPhone which replaces Google Maps. At first, I was a little nervous about this change, but after seeing the demo I was very impressed. Much of the interface is familiar (because the UI was always the iPhone). But, the data behind the app is now Apple’s and it looks impressive. Turn-by-turn directions looks well done, as well. 
  4. Passbook – This is the beginning of Apple’s digital wallet. This may look underwhelming at the moment, but I predict Apple has more up their sleeve when the new iPhone is released this fall. Currently, you will be able to get tickets, gift cards, and store account cards in your Passbook. No more fumbling at the airport looking for that boarding pass. Passbook keeps all your tickets in one place. It is also location aware and integrates with notifications to present your with your passes at the right time/place.
  5. New Siri Functionality – Siri was originally released as a Beta. (A rarity for Apple.) Now, Siri has learned a few new skills. She (?) can look up sports news, movies, and much improved restaurant information. Of course, my favorite part is the re-integration with Open Table. You can now make reservations right from Siri. Thanks, Siri.
  6. VIP Email – Expecting an important email from your assistant? Or maybe from your Mom? A new email feature is the ability to designate specific contacts as VIPs. This causes their emails to appear in a special VIP inbox. Emails from your VIPs also trigger an event notification which you can have appear on your lock screen. This way you can stop repeatedly checking email looking for that important message.

iOS 6 = Even More Productivity

Each year, Apple has improved the iOS operating system.

As Steve Jobs spelled out in his original iPhone keynote, they continue to add features and functionality to phones that have already shipped.

I am looking forward to the new productivity features in iOS 6 when it arrives this fall.

What feature are you most looking forward to from iOS 6?

14 thoughts on “6 New Productivity Features Coming in iOS 6

  1. It appears that contact management features I want will remain absent:
    – ability to assign contacts to one or more groups
    – ability to quickly sort/filter contacts by first name, last name, company, or group

    1. Groups do work, although I think you still have to edit them on your Mac. I have several groups set up for my contacts.
      Soft filtering works via the search box. If I type in the name of a company, I instantly see only the contacts from that company. If I type in “Bill,” then I see all contacts named Bill. Is that what you were referring to?

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